About The Bat

I have wanted to start a blog for a long time, and I have made an effort a few times, but I never found a topic, a real `voice` I could stick to.  But alas, the day has come.  It dawned on me recently that all my favourite blogs are the ones that are about real people just living their lives, and writing about it.  Granted, they have a point of view or two, a couple of topics of interest, but that all funnels well into how they choose to live, and why they choose to live that way.  We all have something to say and something to share.

So here is my something to say and something to share.  I have been a raw foodie for the better part of seven years, and have adopted a predominately fruit based eating style for the past 3 years or so.  I have had ups and downs, and I am a real person.  But I really believe that this way of eating is what is best for me, and I want to share it, because it may be what is best for others too.  I want to show with this little blog that being fruity doesn`t mean that I am in a cult, or am some sort of fanatic.  It doesn`t mean that I have live in a cave away from civilization, or that I have some how otherwise drastically altered my life to accommodate eating this way.  I am a relatively normal girl, living a pretty normal life, I just am bliss out on fruit for most of it!

Yes, I get this excited about dinner.

Yes, I get this excited about dinner.

I want to share my love of fruit (and my love of yoga) with as many people as possible, to remove the stigma that fruitarians are crazy hippies you never want to talk to, and show that fruit bliss is the best bliss.  It is a journey, and I think you may find it interesting!

I will add that I live with two non-fruit bats.  My sister and my boyfriend are vegan, and high raw, and I do make non-fruit food for them.   I will share some of those things on this blog, to show that I am a normal gal, doing normal things, making some normal food for my family, I just don`t eat it!  That is the trick.  So yes, you will see non-fruit things in this blog.  I hope you can be ok with that!

Thanks friends!


Disclaimer; I am not a doctor, psychologist, nutritionist or yo mama.  None of the advice or information given in this blog is meant to serve as personal advice or recommendation of any kind.  I am doing what I see fit for my body, and you must do the same for yours.  I am not responsible for you!  Do what is right and authentic for you, and we can call live in peace!


10 thoughts on “About The Bat

  1. Hello my little batty friend 🙂 I just wanted to say that im new to Coquitlam and found your blog totally randomly. Reading it is amazing. your so funny and cute plus you have totally inspired me to get into practicing yoga which i have always wanted to do. Also i live a few blocks away from planet organic and u have totally made my day by posting about your day trip all the way into Coquitlam to go there. Amazing recipes, book recommendations. Just amazing blog!!! Thank you Chicky poo 🙂

  2. I moved from Seattle. I read your blog on the regs and find it soo uplifting to know someone else dose this too. I have been having a little trouble with my tummy lately more than ever tho. My family also isn’t as supportive as i wish them to be. Any advice?

  3. Hey Annie! I am so glad you like the blog! Do you mean that you moved to Vancouver from Seattle? If so, welcome! For me, green juice has really helped my digestion. It is important to figure out WHY you are having tummy trouble. If you want some coaching, you can contact me at unitycoaching@gmail.com. I know, the family thing can be hard. The best thing you can do is just lead by example, live for what you know is right and let them be and do whatever they are going to be and do with the love for them you want to see them have for you!

  4. I did move from Seattle to Vancouver 🙂 My family lives in Coquitlam. I tend to travel a lot since my hubby is still in the states tho. i am defenetly going to email you about coaching! Thank you so much!!!

  5. just found your blog and I’m intrigued…I’m thinking going all fruity makes me feel happy so I just might. It’s nice to read someone else’s adventure with it. Cheers! and inspired,

  6. What is a typical days meals/snacks like for u? Can u post a typical day, with the amount/type/time of food u eat?

    Also, how many cals and what are ur ratios? Do u eat dates? What are your staples?

    Thanks! This helps out a newbie a lot!

    • Hello! SO! I feel that it is best for people to follow their own bodies, and do what feels right for them on any given day. I believe that eating less than 2000 cals on this plan/day is not the best way to go. I think that eating 3-4 meals a day is the best for me, but some may eat more or less often. I do not eat at the same time every day. I do eat dates, and I love them! Bananas, mangoes, persimmons and durian are my staples. I do eat at a ratio of 80% carbs, 10% protein 10% fat over the week. Just eat lots of sweet ripe fruit, sweat, sleep and drink your water and you will be fine!

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