Flips and Folds

Hello Lovely Bat!

Here is a short video to show you a portion of my morning practice as of late.



Any postures you would like me to make an instructional video on for you?


4 thoughts on “Flips and Folds

  1. What kind of yoga practice are you doing? I am familiar with mysore ashtanga but it seems you are doing different sequencing? Anyway you have a great practice. Are you still eating a fruit based diet?

    • Hi Yuliya! Thank you 🙂 I started practicing yoga when I was 15, but I was a dancer before that, and I have always had a natural flexibility. I would say that my practice has really developed over the last 3 years because I have been able to work with some really amazing teachers.

  2. Hi Noel! This is just my own sequence 🙂 I sometimes do the Ashtanga series, and sometimes I allow my body to do what ever it likes.

    I sure am! And it is better than ever here in Thailand!

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