Latest Salad Obsession

Hey Friend!

Now, you all know that my love for fruit will most likely never die.  (I accidentally typed “Diet” instead of “Die” there for a second.  Oh how true haha)

But there comes a time in every young fruitbats life when she just needs a little green.

I do enjoy salad more than the average person.  I like mine to be simple, with a good balance of sweet/sour/spicy.   I also am not a huge fan of really fatty dressings or super complicated mixtures.  I am a purist at heart, and I like to be able to taste every element of my salad. Kitchen sink salads are not really my deal.  One of my most adored combos is simply spinach, apple cider vinegar, nutmeg and bean sprouts.  So you get the picture on the simple.

This week I was hankering for a salad party.


Enter this masterpiece.

You want to eat this.

You want to eat this.


This is a shredded zucchini salad, but you can use shredded cucumber if you like that better.  I used my Spirooli Slicer to create noodles out of my zucchini and then chopped them up into bite size pieces.  You can easily do this by just grating your cuc or zuc on a box grater.


For The Dressing:

2 tbsp Chickpea Miso – Or any unpasteurized miso

3 tsbp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp wakame sea weed – crushed

1 tbsp dulse seaweed – chopped

1 inch piece of ginger -grated fine

3 scallion – chopped

1/8 tsp stevia powder – or sweetener of choice

1 tsp chilli flakes – or less if you are not a huge spicy fan.

Dressing Sauce!

Dressing Sauce!


Soak your seaweeds in your vinegar for 30 minutes, just to soften.  Then grate your ginger on the finest side of your box grater or using a microplane.  Slice your scallion.  Combine all of your ingredients in a bowl and mix with a fork until well combined.


For The Salad

2 zucchini or cucumber

1/2-1 avocado

Greens of choice

Slice your zucchini on a spirooli slicer and then cut into bite size pieces OR grate on your box grater.  Dice your avocado and mix into your zucchini or cucumber.

Make that pasta!

Make that pasta!

From here – you can either dress it with the dressing and serve it on lettuce leaves as wraps, or you can mix your greens into it, and serve it salad style.





Either way, you will be like “Oh Urban Fruitbat, I love you, you are the best.”


Oh, you are too kind 🙂


6 thoughts on “Latest Salad Obsession

  1. Yup, you had better get used to spicey if you are moving to Thailand. What prompted you to actually consider living there?

    • I LOVE spice actually! I have wanted to go to Asia for a long time, and then My Love and I went last November, fell in love and decided we wanted to go 🙂 We are thinking sometime in August we will head over 🙂

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