The Birthday Bat!

Hey You guys!!
I just purchased some extra picture space!  Yay!  That means I can blog again!!

I stopped posting on the regular because I ran out of picture space.  I was going back and deleting old pictures, and that was getting so un fun.  Then we went to Thailand, and then work was crazy busy.  Yes.  Excuses.  Anyway, I am back now, with lots of space, lots of pictures, lots of stories and lots of FRUIT!!  Also, I have super missed you guys!  I realized over these last months how much I love writing.  How much I love creating a community where people can come and just ask questions and generally be together.  I love being the fruit bat, so I will keep being the fruit bat 🙂

Last week it was my 24th birthday.  Cue the existential crisis.  Yes.  I am one of those people that freaks out about my birthday.  No on is perfect, right?

The day started off innocently enough, just as it always does.  With my version of hot yoga:


No, that is not a joke.  I really do practise yoga with a space heater.  It is cold up in herrrr OK?

Then It was time for my morning tea and lemon water, which had been significantly brightened at the hand of Baby Sister:

Garsh :)

Garsh 🙂

Down to the last detail:


After feeling all bubbly and warm inside, I enjoyed my drinks:

Glug Glug

Glug Glug

At my Mega Desk:

DSC_0455Yes.  I do need both computers.  Really.  I do.  Also I want you to take note of the Thai chairs.  My Love and I brought those back unstuffed from Thailand, and spent our Christmas Vacation stuffing and sewing them.  Because we are 1000 years old.  That is why.

After work I went to go meet a little Lady called Primrose, the new daughter of my friend Vanya.  She is just the most perfect little party animal.  I was so pleased to be able to spend part of my day with the two of them ❤

After all the baby hullabaloo, I found two cool stores on my way home.  I know.  I do not shop and that was  a weird sentance for me.  But hear me out.  The first place was a cupcake shop that sells vegan and gluten free cupcakes in all the flavours a person can dream up.  My Love and I have decided that if we ever get engagematized (engaged to normal people) we will have a party with all their cupcakes.  We found them online a while ago, but this was the fist time I had seen the shop in person!  So being that is was my birthday and all, I bought one for My Love to try.  Because that is what you do, get a cupcake for someone else on your birthday, right?  It was a lemon icing with chocolate cup cake.  He said it was moist and delicious. (Sorry Baby sister, moist was just the most descriptive word… and I am sorry that now I have said it twice)



Then even close to home I walked by this natural foods store that is always closed when I walk by.  But on this day, it was open!  It was really cool, they had local fruit, and lots of other neat locally made foods.  I got some vegan kim chi to try, mostly because of the jar:

One can never have enough glass jars, right?

One can never have enough glass jars, right?

And some coconut vinegar, because I had never had it before and it seemed neat-o

Cool!  Coconut!

Cool! Coconut!

For the record, I am totally allergic to coconut.  This made me feel ill, but it was good if you are not allergic!

For the birthday festivities of the night, we decided to go out for Thai food.  Ever since we got home from Thailand, I have been caving papaya salad like it is my job.  I ate papaya salad (fish sauce free, don’t worry everyone) every day.  We found a place by our home called 24/7 Thai, which is close, cheap and tasty.  Those are basically our only requirements.


Baby Sister and I got the most beloved Papaya salads!!


For those of you who are not privy to the gloriousness that is papaya salad, basically it is unripe papaya, carrot, tomato and green beans dressed in crushed garlic, chili, lime juice, palm sugar and sometimes fish sauce.  I always just ask for no fish sauce, because you know, eew, gross.  Fish sauce.

When we had gorged ourselves to happiness, we came home for Birthday presents:

You know you are old when you don't "stuff" for your bday.  Just papers

You know you are old when you don’t “stuff” for your bday. Just papers

I opened my cards and was grateful for everything 🙂  My Love made me a mix, and My Baby Sister drew my an amazing drawing of our alter egos, as well as gifting me with a Whole Foods Gift card.  So I should be able to get half an item. Hardy Har har.

After that, it was time to get crunk on the partay drinks:

I looks crunk, no?

I looks crunk, no?

So I did not really get crunk.  That was water, lime juice and goji berries.  It is the Crunk thought that counts, no?

For the grand finally, My Baby Sister made me an amazing birthday plate:

Aww, you guys.  I think she lobes me.

Aww, you guys. I think she lobes me.

Look, look:

Who would even want cake?  Not me.

Who would even want cake? Not me.

We ended the night doing my most favourite thing in the world.  Being together ❤  Aww.

Even though I do not love birthdays, getting old, and all the fun things my mind does on this day every year, my dearest loves treated my so right, and for that, I am so grateful.


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