Hey Guys!

I am back by popular (?) demand!  I have had a few requests for me to start blogging again, and alas, I have succumb to the peer pressure.

And also, no.  I am not linguistically challenged.  I was not trying to spell wait.  WIAT is What I Ate Thursday.  I know the trend is to to What I ate WEDNESDAY, but by the time I had gotten the request for what I had eaten, it was already late Wednesday night.  I suppose, if you must, you can pretend that this is what I ate on Wednesday.

I started my day, as I do with every day, with a work out.  I did some skipping (steady state cardio) and some weight lifting.  Then, I had this;

ImageWater.  Lots and lots of water.  I drink at least 3 litres a day, two of which I put lemon juice in (half a lemon in both)  I drink at least 2 litres before I eat anything.

Next It was this;

ImageThere were about 25 large apricots there.  I am OBSESSED with apricots right now.  They are sweet, soft, and have the best texture ever.  I love them.

I then did some work, did some reading, and it was time for meal #2;

ImageMore apricots.  They are in season, and I really, really like them.  So I ate more 🙂

Then, I did more work, did my first Reiki lesson (!!), went with My Love to the market.  Then it was time for meal #3

Bananas and 2 large dragon fruit.  I love dragon fruit because I feel that they sooth my digestion.  I ate about 5 cups worth of baby bananas there.  They are so sweet and delicious.  I love them!

For my last meal I turned this;

Into this;

I drink green juice, and eat the pulp every.single.night.  I love it, it has healed my digestion from many things, and it is my most favourite way to get my greens.

Now, for some FAQ;

1) Do I always eat mono meals? – No, I eat them when I can.  This is actually a pretty typical day for me.  I eat some mono meals, and some mixed meals.  Whatever is around, looks good and tastes good.

2) Do I count my calories?  – Yes I do.  I keep track to make sure that I am getting enough.  I aim for a minimum of about 2000 cals a day, more if I am hungry for it.

3) How many times do I eat a day? – I have three fruit meals, one juice a day.

4) Do I ever juice fast/cleanse? –  No.  I like to eat.  Also, my body is not really all that fond of fasting.  I think it reminds my body to much of a famine.

5) Do I not eat any nuts/seeds/over fats? – I do eat overt fats, once a week.  I eat durian 99.999% of the time as my fat source.  This is because I LOVE durian, more than I love avocado or nuts or seeds.  So that is what I eat.

6) Are you 80/10/10?  – Yes.  I have been for about 5 years in total, but doing it properly (ie.eating enough calories) for about 2

7)How long have you been raw? – 7 years, save a six month cooked vegan phase about 5 years ago, which was HORRIBLE.  I got all my stomach aches back (which I used to have all my life before I went raw), I had break outs, was greasy, smelly and just over all un-happy.  100% raw works for me.

8) Do you ever crave cooked foods?  – No.  I make sure to get enough calories from fruit, so I never crave anything else.  I would say that the only things that I ever crave are green juice and durian.

9) Do you work out? – Yes.  I work out every day.  I do high intensity interval training, steady state cardio, weight lifting and yoga.  This way I feel I am covering all my fitness bases.

10) Do you eat other veggies like carrots, beets, celery ect? – From time to time.  If I am out and the only thing on the menu to eat is a salad, I will eat a salad.  I just really prefer to eat fruit.  I feel my best eating this way.

11) Do you take supplements? – Yes.  I take vitamin b12 once a week, and a vitamin K2 every day.  These are the only two nutrients that I feel are not really adequately available in a raw, vegan diet.  So I take them.

Any other questions for me?  Leave them in the comments and I will do my best to get you an answer!


11 thoughts on “WIAT

  1. hey lovely!! i love your blog and always look forward to your humour and inspirations. I have just moved to Kelowna and look forward to accessing all that Vancouver has to offer in terms of produce for the winter. i wanted to know what are the best/your fave fruit haunts (asain markets/granville street market?/stores/etc). i need actuall names so i can google amp and go hunting!! thanks! michele

    • Hi Michele! Sorry I took so long to reply! Here are the goods:

      Choices market has the best case price for organic bananas. You can find them all over town.
      Granville island market – not all organic, but LOTS of awesome deals if you get the “over ripe” 1 dollar bags
      Young Brothers Produce on Broadway, just west of McDonald, same as above
      The Persian Market, Broadway and Mcdonald – cool imported things and DATES 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  2. Yay for blogging again. You will LOVE Thailand! So awesome and beautiful and lots of fruit! Do you eat a lot of variety? Or similar stuff each day?

  3. I am wondering why do you juice your veggies AND eat the pulp? Why not just make a smoothie then? Do you drink the juice first then eat the pulp or eat the pulp first or eat/drink at the same time? Do you dehydrate/cook your pulp or just eat it straight as is?

  4. hi, i jumped over here via “choosing raw” & it looks like you have an interesting blog & life! i was disturbed by your use of the word “retarded” in this post and wanted to ask you to think about using it again… as a mom of a 6 yr old with down syndrome, it especially stings. if you want to know more about why using this word is hurtful, check out this video:

    thanks & all the best, tekeal

    • Hi Stacy! It is very similar, yes 🙂 I have been in Thailand enjoying the bounty of fruit here for the past couple of months 🙂 Lots of watermelon and rambutan! I have also added room temp miso soup with seaweed to my diet 🙂

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