Vancouver Has A China Town!?!?!?!

I’m only kidding.  I knew that Van City had a China Town.


It is actually one of the largest in Canada, after Toronto.

There are a plethora of “medicine” like shops down there,with tonnes of dried scallops and other sea food and fruits,  as well as many sea food shops;

This was called preserved vegetable…

I had to show you this;


Whole Jelly Fish! Eegads

There is one special store however, that has AMAZING fruit from far away lands!;

Spectacular Dragon Fruits;

Grabby Boyfriend

Snake Fruit;

Delicious? Perhaps. Scary? For sure.

This weird stuff;

baby jack fruits!!!! Little uns!

My Love’s most favourite;

We asked how much for the whole Jackfruit, the man said it would be for a party, so yeah, allot.

And the thing that made me almost faint;

Where all my monies will go hence forth

Those, my fruity friends, are fresh durian.  Yes.

After I sniffed and smelled and inspected for a yeah and a half, I picked my durian and we were on our way

We saw these on our way out;

cubic pastry…?


My fresh durian was the best thing of my life;


I ❤ chew Van city China Town.  I ❤ Chew.

And I ❤ Chew too.


10 thoughts on “Vancouver Has A China Town!?!?!?!

  1. Whole jelly fish O_o”….?!
    I have seen the “preserved vegetable” in Toronto, they look icky lol…
    I really want to try durian! Maybe next time I’m in China town. Last time I was there I got perfectly ripe persimmons for CHEAP! I think it was something like 6 for 50 cents. I got lots ;).

  2. I love going to China town! Definitely some gross smells and finds! Can’t believe anyone would want to eat a jelly fish. Best place to get black beans though and some delicious fruits and vegies!

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