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Hey Guys!

So, one of the changes I would like to make here on the ol’ bloggeroonie, is I would like to start talking more about fitness!  I really really REALLY beleive in the benifits of moving your body.  I do not, however, subscribe to any theory that states that you have to pound for hours, day in and day out on a tredmill, getting so bored you would like to poke your eyes out with forks.  I think there is something for EVERYONE when it comes to fitness.  There fore, I will be doing some posts on different fitness routines and things to try.  Who knows, maybe you will find your soul mate work out!  (That is the work out that you LOVE to do).  If you find something that you love to do, you are far more likely to do it.  And that my friends is the trick to long lasting fitness!

Today  I want to tell you all about Chalean Johnsons “Chalean Extreme” program!
You may know Chalean for her “Turbo” programs like TurboJam and TurboFire.  These programs are focused primarily on cardiovascular exercise, with little attention given to weight training.  “Chalean Extreme” on the other hand, focuses almost exclusively on weight training.  This is due to the concept that muscle burns fat, increases your metabolism and makes you look leaner.
The program is broken down into three one month sections.
Month one is called the “Burn Phase”  During these workouts Chalean encourages you to lift weights that are heavy enough that you reach muscle fatigue by your 10-12th repetition. (Meaning you really could not do another rep after that last rep) All these phases come with a guide book so that you can track your weight progress as you get stronger.  She will then mix it up every third or fourth exercise by adding in an “extreme set” where she will give you a ten second rest, and then have you do three more repetitions of the exercise you just completed.  There are three “Burn phase” routines, and you do each one once a week, on non-consecutive days.
In the second month you are in the “Push Phase.”  The set up is almost the same as month one, only in this month Chalean pushes you to lift weights that are heavy enough for you to reach failure on the 8-10th rep.  I was doing 80 pounds squats in this month, just to give you an idea.  She still throws in those “extreme sets” every couple of exercise here, and boy oh boy do you feel the burn!
In month three, called the “Lean Phase,” you are back to using weights that get you to muscle failure by rep 10-12.  The challenge this month is that she adds an “extreme set” after every move.  You.will.beg.for.mercy.
She also has videos to add a fourth day of working out, which she calls “fat burner” workouts.  These consist of 1-2 minutes of high intensity cardiovascular training, followed by 1-2 minutes of muscle endurance work.  Here she will have you lift very light weights for many repetitions.
So what are the pros and cons?
1)Short work outs – most are 35-45 mins
2) Most moves are compound movements, meaning you are working more than one muscle group at a time.  This is awesome because it means that you are burning more calories with each movement, building more muscle with each movement, and it cuts your workout time way down.
3) Chalean gives awesome cues and is uber motivating.  I always wanted to push myself.
4) She dispels the myth that women should lift light weights to avoid bulking up.  The truth is that woman have far to little testosterone to bulk up the way that men do.  You are either lifting heavy enough to build muscle, which is what you want, or you are not.  Simple as pie.
5) Lifting heavy weights makes you feel powerful!  It really does something wonderful for your brain, like you can do anything you want!
1) It can be costly to buy enough weights to have varied enough resistance for upper and lower body, as well as getting enough weights to keep you challenged as you increase strength.  I suggest getting resistance bands for this (She offers resistance band modifications for every move.)  They are less costly and can be used for longer before you need to up the anti, so to speak.
2) There is risk of hurting yourself, because she is really pushing you to push yourself and lift heavy.  Make sure that you are really paying attention to her form cues, as well as looking at yourself in the mirror every once in a while to make sure you are staying on point.
YAY!  Ok, is there any specific program you would like me to focus on here?  What do you guys do for fitness?
I am currently doing a 40 day power yoga challenge, as well as Chalean extreme and TurboFire

One thought on “Some Fitness For You

  1. Hope you’re doing well! I do love your blog. I think everyone disappeared for the summer!

    I love ChaLEAN Extreme. A lot, even though I haven’t ever quite finished a rotation of it yet. I actually bought Selectechs a few years ago and I think it was worth it; I was able to get a wide range of weights for a relatively low price compared to buying dumbells. I use and recommend Ultimate Yogi, as well. Great stuff. Cathe Friedrich’s DVDs (STS is a p90X-like system of hers and her LIS (Low Impact Series) is a favorite, though I haven’t done it yet).

    I love working out at home!

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