Juicy Days

Hello Friends!

And welcome to all my new friends!  Happy to see you over here from Fitnessista!

OK, now for confession time.


This being one of the many reasons the fruity lifestyle works so well for me.  I was never all that keen on portion control, so I really appreceate getting to eat all I want whenever I want.

There are days however, when I just don’t feel like doing the jaw work.  This is where juice and smoothie days come in!

It can be awesome to give your digestive system a break, and just have liquid food for a day or two.  Remember, your digestive system is basically working to make all your food into a liquid so that it can be absorbed.  So by taking in food already in its liquid state you get faster delivery of nutrients as well as a nice little reprieve for your body.  Plus, smoothies and juices are really good if you know how to make em.

Here is what my last juice/smoothie day looked like.

Blendy needs to get bigger…

This is a smoothie of pineapple, mango, lime and mint;

You can dip your finger in, I wont tell

It was amazing.  As you can see here;

Clearly the only solution to a bottle that could not fit the whole smoothie…

My other smoothie was mango, papaya, date and vanilla;

Dates make everything better.

Another option for liqidy days are ice creams like this one;

I am a good option

And then there must be the token green juice at this partay;

So much foam.

Just in case you are wondering, no I am not a tidy cook;

It is kitchen mayhem up in herrrr

But it all looks and tastes so nice when you are finished;

All the buddies all together.

So, what say you?  Juices and smoothies?  Or do you like to eat your food?



4 thoughts on “Juicy Days

  1. Smoothies are actually my favourite for things like bananas/berries, but when it comes down to mangoes/papayas I like to chow down on them and get all the juice flowing down my chin and elbows :p!
    That green juice looks good! I have to get me a juicer this summer :).

  2. Hi!

    I found your blog through fitnessista.
    I just want to say I love your blog and your eating style is fascinating. I went to Uni with a guy who had similar eating style and was always curious about it. So thank you for sharing.

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