To Market To Market

In order to have a successful trip to the market, you must first be prepared for your haul;

If you can’t find a wheely-dealy or a back pack, you could also use a car, I guess.

It helps if you can find yourself a market to go to;

They never close.

Next, you must be OK with lots of people in a small space;

This pic doesn’t do the cray cray nature of the market justice.

First things first when you arrive, always scope out and raid the shaddy bins;

Fruit for a monie? Don’t mind if I do!

Getting a case load of things can lead to discounts;

No it is not to many. Yes, we are monkeys.

You must hone your wheely-dealy steering skills, lest your wheeling privileges be revoked;

The wheely has tipped.

In order for market day to be a true success, you must enjoy admiring all of your bounty;

So many bounties.

Look at it all!


Lastly, you must posses proper pantry space;

Enough bananas for like five minutes…

As well as ample Fridge space;

Happy fridge

Happy shopping.


9 thoughts on “To Market To Market

  1. I love seeing what you buy/eat! So glad youre logging again. Can you do a post explaining how you make your frozen fruit ice cream ? I don’t have a juicer thing like u have but I do have a vita mix. Will that work? More veggie recipes would be amazing too:)

  2. where are you? you haven’t been posting in a long time…..I truly enjoy your words of inspiration and humor……try to find a moment to post your day….thank you!

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