You will love this ice cream

Hello and Happy Monday Friends!

OK, I have to tell you a story.  When I was younger, i was OBSESSED with chocolate mint ice cream.  That and cookie dough, but that is a story for another time and place.  Then, when I went vegan, I would eat this soy ice cream.  It was $8.00 for about four servings.  But it was SO good.  I would get that ice cream, and have my little 3/4 of a cup ritual every night.  It is my opinion that chocolate and mint are a flavour match made in heaven.

Now that I am raw vegan, I most certainly do not purchase chocolate mint ice cream.  I also tend to be of the belief that a life without cacao is a good idea.  This means that I have not had anything chocolate mint in a very long time.  That is, until last week.

I was sitting in class writing my final exam for psychology of disease (it was no where near as intense as it sounds, trust me) and I was feeling rather warm.  Summer has offically arrived in Van-city, and this fact has made me crave ice cream.  Usually I stick with your generic fruit ice creams, lots of mango and pineapple, as you have all seen.  But for some reason I really wanted something even more refreshing than that.

I finished my exam within about 25 minutes, and so was free for the rest of the night. Obviously I had not been focusing all that hard on my exam, because by the time I left I had come up with recipe for chocolate e mint ice cream.  I turned in my exam and left school, headed to the most dangerous place on earth for a foodie, Whole Foods.

I wondered around there for about a century looking at everything.  I feel like since I have stopped eating processed foods, so many new things have been invented!  I will tell you one thing, the amount of roasted/toasted/flavoured/seasoned sea weed snacks that have started to pop up could fill a whole store in and of themselves.  Eventually I managed to gather my goods, and I headed home to make the best ice cream ever.

Here is what you need;

This all equals delicious.

Just frozen bananas (I had about 9 cups there) peppermint extract and the secret ingreadient, CAROB POWDER!

Carob, for those of you who do not know, comes from a flowering evergreen shrub, also called St. Johns Bread.  It is high in fiber and minerals, is great for digestion and has none of the stimmulating effects of cacao.  It has more or a caramel like flavour, but its rich nuttiness is reminiscent enough of chocolate for me.  You can get it roasted or raw, and of course I recommend you go for the raw.  The taste is slightly milder, but all the nutrients are retained.

To make our ice cream, all you do is process your bananas through your juicer (I used my Champ) or you can blend them in a blender or food processor.

Creamy dreamy yummy

Next you add your peppermint extract and your carob powder.  I did 2 tbsp of carob powder and about a teaspoon of peppermint.  You can also add a little vanilla here as well.

um, it tastes better than it looks.

Stir it up.


And there you have it.  So smooth, creamy and minty.  The perfect chiller for a hot summers night.

I hope you enjoy bats!


4 thoughts on “You will love this ice cream


    K, next time we meet up, screw the tea – we’re makin’ ICE CREAM! (Which looks hella better from the Champ than it does from the Vita…am I correct in assuming the texture is better as well?

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