How To Eat Enough

Hey hey hey people!

Today I come to you with a readers request!  I have been asked to explain how I build a fruit plate that is tasty and satisfying, as well as being calorically dense enough to sustain us life lovin’ kinda people.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, (plug plug, heehee) I am asked to make meal plans all the time.  This is something that I assume I am going to be doing for the rest of my live long days.  It is always an interesting process to work with people and to mess with their food.  Most people do not like it very much, but I digress.  Making meal plans for those following an 80/10/10 lifestyle (yes, lifestyle, this is no diet) is really quite easy for me.  (want to learn more about 80/10/10?  Check out the home of it all:  It is simple because I follow this way of eating, so I can just tell you to eat what I am eating, and also because I get to throw out all the little “rules” that they teach in school.  Rules like having a “balanced” plate with a source of carbohydrate, a source of fat and a source of “protein” – which is generally just a glorified source of fat or carbohydrates.  The other thing that I love about making 80/10/10 meal plans is that I get to add at the end “eat more if you feel like eating more.”  Yes!  No restriction, ever!!

Fist things first.  You need to figure out how much you need to eat.  I have seen formulas, such as this one:  Take your ideal weight, multiply that by 20, and that is how many calories you should eat from fruits and veggies in a day.  Then plan to burn at least half of those calories as physical activity.

Freelea and DurianRider of 30 Bananas A Day (check them out here: say minimum 2500-3000 cals for girls per day, and 3000-3500 for men, more if you are active or if you care to eat more.  I like this idea better.  The truth is, our bodies do NOT tend to store carbohydrates as fat.  Every single cell in your body runs on glucose, including every cell in your brain!   Also, the law of nutritional thermogenisis tells us that if we do happen to ingest “excess” carbohydrates, our bodies will burn them off as body heat, rather than storing them as fat.

The take home message?  It is far more important for you to be concerned with getting ENOUGH food, than it is for you to be concerned about getting too much.

I tend to eat mostly fruit most days, and then will have a green meal once or twice a week.  I also eat overt fats only once a week, and almost always comes in the form of durian.

I eat 2-3 meals a day.  This means that almost all of my fruit plates are going to average around 1000 calories.  That is my template.  From there I just look at what I have in the house, decided if I want a mono or a mixed meal, and then go from there!  This means what you should do is :

1) Figure out how many calories you want/need in a day

2) Figure out how many times you want to eat in a day

3) Divide your calories amongst your meals (This can be an even split or you are going to do around can have bigger meals with smaller snacks)

4) Decide what you are going to do about you 10% protein and 10% fat.  This means figuring out how many calories of veggies and fatty foods you need to eat to meet this criterion.  I recommend that you use cronometer to figure this out. —>

5) Look at the fruits and veg that you have available to you that look good and start making meals!

Here are some examples of my plates;

Those babay mangoos make my life.

We have here 7 cups of mango, half a large papaya and an extra-large banana.  This meal was around 998 calories.

I will never not get a kick out of eating ice cream for dinner.

This was 6 cups of mangoes, 3 cups of banana, 170 grams of black berries and 170 grams of raspberries.  Totalling around 1150 cals.

Fruit pile

This was 5 cups of mango, 1/2 a large papaya, 2 cups of pineapple and a lovely dragon fruit.  This came to 895 calories.


This was a special meal!  This was 3 cups jackfruit, 4 cups mango and 4 large bananas.  It weighed in at 1350 calories of amazing.

I friggin live to eat dates.

Dates are one of my most favourite things to make meals out of.  These little guy have around 16 calories each.  I ate 48 of them with a papaya.  It came in at around 850 calories.

Eye balls.

I LOVE longans.  They are lower in calories, so I make sure to pare them with higher calorie fruits like bananas and mangos.  This was 100 longans, 8 strawberry guavas, 1 papaya, 4 mangoes and a medium banana.  It was 842 calories.

For my green meals, I like to make pasta;

So much on the fun side of things.

I love my pastas.  This one had 4 cups of zucchini, the juice of one orange, lemon and lime, some dill, parsley and cilantro with about a cup of cherry tomatoes.  It only had around 300 calories, so I was sure to eat my fill of fruit before I ate my pasta.  You could also serve your pasta over greens!

As for the fat, once a week I have this;



I love durian at an embarrassing level.

This is what works for me.  Some like to have a little fat every day, such as some avocado or nuts in their salads.  I have some once  week.  You just gotta do what works for you!

I hope this post was helpful and encouraging.  I like to plan out what I am going to eat in the morning, that way I don’t run into a situation where it is night-time and I have under eaten.  We must all find our own way however!

Lastly, the most important nutrient you must always take in, at least once a day;

Sun in the eyes

Would you guys like to see more day in the life style posts from me, or do you prefer the more educational style?

See you fruity friends soon.


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