A Saturday In The Life Of A Bat

Hey Guys!  Happy long weekend to you if you are in a part of the world that has a long weekend right now!  If not, womp womp.  Just kidding. Sorta.

My long weekend was mostly working, but I still had a nice time!  The weather here in Van City was amazing, and I really like my job and the hours are really great so I was not bothered one bit.

There has been a bit of a trend these days of people blogging about “a day in the life.” So, being the copy cat that I am I decided to join in the fun!  Here is what my Saturday looked like!

I woke up at crows piss to do my Cardio.  Like seriously so early.  Saturdays as of late have meant Fire 60 from the workout package TurboFire;

Awe Yeah

That would be Chalean Johnson.  She is  a fitness instructor and motivational speaker for the company Beach Body.  I luff her.  I have been doing a hybrid of P90X and Insanity, also beach body programs, for the last almost three months.  I do TurboFire on my days off from those two work out programs.  It is cardio kick boxing mixed in with High Intensity Interval Training.  But mostly, it is FUN.

After that, I wrung out my clothes, tried to pretty myself up as much as possible, and headed to work.

On my way I saw this racoon;

Run little guy run!!

He was running because this crow;

Caw! Caw! Caw!

Was flipping absolute S^*%  that he was there for some reason.  They must have gotten into a fight about something.  I do not know off the top of my head what crows and raccoons would fight about.

I walked the rest of the way to work, and was greeted by the quiet peace of my post;

My job is inner peace.  Thank you Semperviva.

I busied myself with all the opening tasks, including making look nice the studio (I am not illiterate.  This is a quote from The Producers.  If you have not seen it, DOITNOW)

So Tidy Oop! (again, quote, not illiteracy)

After all the clients arrived and were tucked nicely into class, I did a few more tasks, and then I pulled some tarot cards.  I know, my life is so hard.

Cards are so pretty.  The one on the far right says “GO NOW!”  Al right, al right!!

When I was finished my shift, I went home to collect My Love.  As a side note,  My Baby Sister is in the shittiest place on earth (Calgary) for the next month, so you will not be seeing much of her.  But if you do see her, tell her Calgary is poop and we want her home.  Any way, My Love and I headed down Broadway to see the sights.  We stopped into this little candy/fancy foods store.  It was cool!

Kinda neat! Lots of spices and chocolate and vintage candy.

They had some Spanish smoked paprika, which I am thinking I am going to go back for, because it gives me an idea for a raw low-fat dip!  After that little stop, we kept heading down the street and were greeted by this lady;

She knew what she was singing…

I have no idea what she was singing.  The only way I can describe the sound is that her voice was making one note to all the words, and her little stringed instrument was making an entirely different note over and over and over again.  Also, her eye shadow was the same colour as her shirt.  I will be this lady one day.

After more walking, we finally made it to one of our intended destinations.  Aphrodite Cafe!  It is a neat little spot on 4th ave, and they are famous for their pies.  Also for their local art work;

Umm…???  I will admit, I perhaps just do not understand art.

My Love got himself a burrito and a half eaten salad;

I am only kidding. He had eaten the salad himself before I had a chance to snap a pic.

And I got Peppermint and licorice tea.  So yum.

Two faves rolled into one. Love it.

My Love was full from all his burrito fun, but could not leave without taking a teeny tiny little slice of chocolate cherry cream pie for the road.

I know. You can barely even see it.

Next it was BANYEN BOOKS!  I love this place.  It is a rather mystical book store with lots of crystals and incents and cards and everything a mystical person could ever want.  So much fun.

Tis a magical place.

We played with more cards;

I know I know, how many cards are to many in a day? No such thing, that is what I think.

Looked around at all the books and then decided it was time to go home.  I needed a snack;


Watermelon is starting to pop up everywhere and this particular one was so very juicy and sweet!  I bid fare well to My Love at this point as he was heading to the beach to partay down with is friends.   (He ended up coming home really early because he was suffering from allergies.  Poor My Love!)  I headed to Semperviva again, this time so that I could take class.

I swear, this is my last Semperviva plug of the day. But really, they do kinda rock.

I attended a Vinyasa Power Flow class lead by the lovely Jazz.  It was the perfect mix of intensity with challenging postures and hard-core relaxation.  It got into revolved bird of paradise for the first time.  NEAT.

I then came home for dinner;

Dragon fruits make my life better.

Mango banana ice cream, with a side of banana and dragon fruit.  because one can never have too much banana.  I snuggled in under by comforter and switched on my guiltiest of guilty pleasures;

So outstandingly dramatic. I lobes it.

Glee.  So.so.good.

And that is a Saturday in the life of a Fruit Bat!  What did you do on Saturday?

Before I go, are you guys interested in my posting more about my fitness regiments and what not?  I like to read about other peoples’ work out routines and the like, so if that is something you are interested in learning about me, let me know!!


7 thoughts on “A Saturday In The Life Of A Bat

  1. haha this post made me laugh not in a bad way, I loved it!
    I mean glee + THAT ice cream + comfy place = perfect combo! I thought I was the only one thinking glee + fruit dinners were the real deal haha:) I love peppermint tea by the way

      • LOL Gleeks <3!!
        Ya, it would be great if you could do a blog post about your fitness and training! Also I'm always interested in what other fruity girls use for their hair and washing, etc :).
        Annnnd more fruity plates! You mentioned earlier that you were going to do a post on what a good fruity meal looks like/calories. Just for fun.
        So basically any post you could make I'll love :p. But just some ideas!

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