Back in Black!

Hello all my fruity friends!

I was so pleased to hear that you all were not bored with me, and that you actually wanted to see my come back!  I am happy to blog for you, and to show you all my fruity goodies.

I received some requests for dip recipes and some videos, and those will be coming.  Today I want to show you all the meals that I have been eating whilst I have been away from cyber land!

In some coming posts, I will show you my latest trip to the market, and some special fruit that I have had.  For now, on to the fruity porn.

Those little gems in the middle are neked dragon fruits

Mangoes are back, and have been a staple for My Love and I.  I was waiting and waiting for them, and then all of a sudden BAM, they are everywhere!


This was some mango, pineapple and banana ice cream.  I added a touch of vanilla and a side of smelly papaya.  Yeah, they smell like feet.  I am OK with it though.

No, not a pile of bugs. Those are dates silly!

Dates have come into my life, and I had no idea where I have been without them.  They give such an amazing sugar hit, and they tastes SO sweet.  These particular dates are the Hafez variety, and they are rumoured to be eaten at wedding ceremonies.  Now I understand the weird bride on the box cover…

Bowl of eyes. Or longans, whatever you prefer I suppose.

I will never tier of longans or of those little strawberry guavas.  The longans are so different and the guavas, so crunchy.  If you have not tried longans yet, I highly suggest that you do!  They are similar to lychee, but I think they are tastier…  It is fruit love over herrrrr.

Fruit salad, yummy yummy.

This fruit salad was inspired by a fruit ice cream that I used to make.  I used to blend together frozen cantaloupe and frozen raspberries.  I wanted something fresh, and I wanted this combination.  I had a honey-dew that needed to be eaten and an abundance of mangoes.  So what I did was chop up the melons, then I added to them some chopped mango and raspberries and mixed it all up.  As I did this the raspberries and mangoes fell apart and make kind of thick sauce.  It was AMAZING.  And as a side note, I don’t know if I will ever be able to spell cantaloupe without spell check.  Seriously, I don’t know what is wrong with me.

I cannot even tell you how amazing this tasted. I just can’t.

I could not leave you without showing you this little ditty.  This was mango and pineapple ice cream with fresh black berries and fresh raspberries smashed and stirred in.  OMG.  So yum. I just juiced the frozen mango and pineapple into an ice cream, and squished the berries with my fingers and stirred them in.  The berries give it some texture and tang, and the ice cream is just so smooth and sweet.  Good to eat.

Next post I am going to show you how I make a meal out of fruit.  I will show you what enough calories looks like in a meal, so that you will all stop being afraid to eat ALLOT.  I will have pictures.  So basically just more fruit porn.


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