Hey Friends! Long time, no talk

Hello all you wonderful people!


I have missed you!

Life has been crazy, and I have to admit this.  I stopped blogging because I thought maybe you all were getting bored with seeing my fruit and day to day stuff.  But I have actually received some comment s as of late that you people miss my ramblings!

Well, if it is ramblings you want, it is ramblings you shall receive.


I want to start making videos, so please, send me all your questions that you would like to me answer about me, yoga, being fruity or any thing else that tickles your fancy!

Will have some pics for you soon.

For now, let me know what you want to see around here.

Love you!


9 thoughts on “Hey Friends! Long time, no talk

  1. Videos of fruit and yoga please! I’ve been wanting to explore yoga more but maybe your new posts can intrigue me a little more to start on my own journey.

  2. I loved the way you blogged your experiences and fruit just the way you were, it was totally delightful and inspiring as no one else is. Very glad to see you return!

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