Monday Monday!

Hello Fruit Friends!  How has life been?

Things have been amazingly fruity over here!  I have been eating a tonne of really awesome stuff.

Wanna see?!

Mangos are back!!

I had just been wishing for mangos to come back into my life, and then lo and behold, they did!

Mangoes and bananas

After I had been happy to see a few mangoes, one day this happened;

That is one full back pack.

I had this feeling last Saturday that I HAD to go to the market.  Usually I avoid going on weekend days, because it is so busy and everything generally gets picked over.  This day, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and see what was there.

I meandered my way through the crowds to my most favourite place, and the guy behind the cash register, (who has never spoken to me, and I have been going to his stand for over a year) came up to me and said ” You want more mango?”  I was aghast for a moment, blinking profusely, when I replied “Uh, yeah.”  “How many mango you want?”  I said, “How many have you got?”  And he brought out a giant box full of these little beauties.  “How much you do you want for it?!”  (Yes, I was shouting because I was excited, let it go.”  “Seven dollar.”  YES.  So I ended up getting 31 mangoes for 7 monies.  My life is amazing.

I had mango mango and mango ice cream.

Looks so good right?!

I added some vanilla to it, and it tasted like amazing.

Om Nom Nom sums it up I believe.

There was also an amazing melon moment last week;

Look at dem!

I chopped them up good and froze them for melon ice cream;

A freezer full is a fruit bat secure.

I also had many persimmons, which never seem to be going out of style.  I am not upset about it.

So Many Yum

I realized you can separate out the little insides, the skin and the goop.

The skin and the seedy parts

Then you get persimmon pudding!!

so so good.

And finally like any good 80/10/10er,  I have been noshing on many bananas.

Part human, part MONKEY!

I have clearly been eating well.

How about you fruity friends?


12 thoughts on “Monday Monday!

  1. WOW!! 31 mangoes for $7?! So lucky!
    I just spent $8 on….4, yes :(, but so delicious anyway it almost doesn’t matter…

    I can’t find persimmons anywhere, I thought they were out of season!

  2. I’m currently in Kingston (ON)…I’m happy that there is even fruit here :p. I’m living off the ‘nanners at this point!

  3. Mangoes are so good in the UK right now too! Not that they grow here, LOL. I am in love with mango and passion-fruit with the mango blended and the passion-fruit just kinda squished into it because I like the little seeds to be intact all the way thru, if you catch my gist?!!!!!

    • Hey Girl! I am so glad to hear that you have some nice mangos! I am a total texture girl too, so I totally understand liking the little seeds running through your pudding. 🙂

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