Love Day Exchange

Hello Fruity Friends!  How is life treating you?

I hope that all of you had a wonderful and love filled day on the day of love.

I tend to look at Valentines day as a day to be extra generous with your love, not just with your special someone, but with ALL your special some ones!  I think it should be viewed as an awesome opportunity to remind all of the people in your life that are special to you that you love and appreciate them.

Our V-Day was filled with love exchanges.

First, My Love gifted me with this most lovely token;

On the purple back-drop of my "The Count" t-shirt.

I gave him this in exchange;

What? You don't want this?

Just kidding!  I cooked that batter into apple cinnamon pancakes.  Because My Love loves nothing more than Pancakes;

He nomed those like they had never even existed.

Baby Sister exchanged her pancakes on a lovely plate in our warm home, for pancakes in a to go container;

Mmmm, plasticy.

She was supposed to have the night off, but there was an emergency at her place of work, and so she exchanged rest for a shift.

"How did this happen to meeeee?"

In exchanged for the packaged pancakes of love, My Baby Sister gave My Love and I some tea;

Who does not love tea?

And finally, in exchange for chocolate and candies and other v-day classic treats, My Love and I dined on this;


Because there is no greater love than the love from Mother Nature, yes?

How did you celebrate the love exchange day?


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