Weekend Fun Time

Hey Friends!

I Hope that your new weeks is off to an amazing start!  I am still not believing that it is the last week of January already.  And you can’t make me.  Anyways.  I have officially started training for my new job this week, and it is AMAZING!

For those of you who don’t know, I am now at Semperviva, the place I have wanted to work the entire time I have lived in Vancouver.  Just goes to show you, if you want something, and you bug people enough, they will give it to you.  Yes, that is my life lesson offering for the day.  Bug people until they give you what you want.  I have never claimed wisdom.

As for my weekend past, it was very nice.  Full of rest and fun, as well as My Love and My Baby Sister.  What more could a bat ask for?

There was lots of fruit as well;

Fruit plates to make a girl smile. Mangoes. 🙂

In ice cream form as well;

Sherbet? No. Just fruit.

I believe this one was pineapple, honey dew, strawberry, cantaloupe and banana.  Yes.  I am a glutton.

All mixed up.

Spread with the lines on the top all professional like.

I also had the worlds smallest Prickly Pears;

Look how friggin small!!!

And the worlds smallest Lemon;

Is that even a size? I mean really.

There were pancake refugees a foot;

Banana chocolate chip.

As well as copious amounts of Scrabble.  Yes.  We are nerds.

Pillows and Scrabble, what more could you want?

Baby Sisters starting line up;

Why don't you tell us how you really feel?

Green juice was had by all.  I have a new recipe I will share with you this week!

You go Champ, You go.

With the crowning glory of Durian night.

We also re-organized the living room. You like?!

What did you do this weekend?  Anything fun planned for your week?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Fun Time

    • It is so good in the winter, when the fruit it not at its highest quality, plus, it is just fun to eat ice cream! Glad you have been enjoying it too! Next post will be about the juice!

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