It’s been ice creamy

Hey hey hey and happy Friday to you my friends!

I hope your week was fun, and that you weekends are all looking awesome.

My week was cray-zay.  I decided to leave my old job, and have found a new one!  There was a tonne of hopping around to interviews and shadow shifts and meetings, but in the end, I am now at the job that I originally wanted before we even moved out here from Calgary!  Yay.  Life is beautiful and amazing and always works out.

Anywho, with all that commotion, and since it is now the dead of winter and fruit is not at its most amazing, I have been feasting on plenty of ice creamy treats.  Let us have a gander, shall we?

First, I had to freeze all my fruits;

Well, you can't just throw it all in there without doing something with it, now can you?

So when it was dinner time, all I had to do was put it through the Ol Champ!

It looks psychedelic. But it is mostly just honey-dew.

I started this ice cream with some Honey dew, and it looked so un-natural that I had to get a pic of it.

I then added blueberry and banana;

So pretty, no?

All mixed up;

Ready to eat with a so small spoon.

I did another one that was strawberry, mango and banana;

That mango looks like sherbet.

I add vanilla extract to most of my ice creams, (that is that brown liquid you see there.)  It adds a subtle after taste that I love;

This one was looking decidedly tropical.

There were a few non-ice cream plates;

Persimmons, can you not stay forever?

Because sometimes you just wanna chew;

The mangoes are getting good again now too.

As always, there were many a juice to be had as well.  This one was not so sure…

What's going on there little juice man?

What do you tend to eat in the winter months, if you are un-lucky enough to live somewhere where there is winter?


4 thoughts on “It’s been ice creamy

  1. Every time I read your blog, you are doing something amazing with The Champion Juicer and it makes me want to quit my studies and get a job so that I can buy one. If I drop out of university, it is totally your fault (haha)

  2. Wow what a great recipe! Thank you so much for sharing. We made a similar version. I’m not a raw foodist but definitely love good clean chemical free foods:) Thank you for sharing with us!

    PS The CHampion juicer is awesome. We have one of the old one’s from the 70’s it’s built like a tank:) ~Peace

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