Bats out on the town

Hey guys!  Happy Wednesday!

So, what happens when two bats get things like this;

It is a gift card

And this;

That is a guy wearing a dog, wearing a scarf.

For Christmas?

Bats out on the town!  That is what happens!

This weekend My Love and I decided to try to put our gift cards to good use, so we got out Bat butts onto the regular bus and headed for our first stop;

Be afraid.

The Bay!  For those of you who do not know, the Bay is a large department store.  When I say large, I mean there are like seven floors.  They all look the same, and they are all huge.  Baby Sister and I coined the phrase “Getting The-Bayed,”  which describes what happens to you when you go into The Bay, and then cannot find your way out again because you got so turned around and lost whilst you were in The Bay.

We searched around for a while, whilst My Love tried desperately to keep us from getting The Bayed;

Silly Boyfriend, that is a cup.

We saw some most ridiculous items;

Gordon can't even believe he is trying to sell that.

Who would ever need that?  A triple buffet warmer?  I don’t understand.

Anyway, we wondered and wandered for what seemed like four thousand century’s, decided we did not know what we needed, and left with nothing.

Next, we boarded yet another bus, and went to My Dad’s home away from home;


Yes people!  That is the Great Canadian Tier!  What fun we had!

We were far better prepared to shop here.  We already knew what we wanted.

My Love got a boring thing;

It's a weighted vest. Can you contain your excitement?

I got the best thing ever;

Look how stoked she is!

ITS A MINI TRAMPOLINE!!!  I lovelovelove rebounding.  It is so good for lymphatic drainage, as well as being frigging fun.

We stood in the rain to get out loot home;

This happens a lot in Van-City. We do not mind

And we wasted no time getting the partay started;

Can you see the fun?

Seriously. Look at all the fun.

And that was that.  One mildly successful shopping trip.

What did you guys do with your gift cards if you got any?


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