Back into the swing of things

Hey guys!

I hope you week is starting off swimmingly!!

So, when we got back from our little holiday, our fridge looked like this;

AAAHHHH!! So empty!!

Fortunatly, we are responsible bats around here, and had a freezer that looked like this;

Ahh, so full. ❤

So my first meal back in Van-city looked like this;

Fruit whip! Fruit whip! Fruit whip!

I did banana, strawberry, peaches and mango;


If you are going to be travelling for more than a few days, your fruit will most likely not keep.  So, it is imperative that you have a well stocked freezer!  It is also good insurance for times when you cannot find anything good to purchase.

I did go shopping eventually though.

Pretty good haul

Got lots of grapes for munching;

munch munch

Three melons for one dollar?  I think YES.

You see melons, I see ice cream!

Persimmons are sticking around a little longer;

I will always take these

And some papays made there way into my heart and my belly.

These make me smile

I got a FEW mangoes;

I don't know if this is enough...

And last but not least, that all important bananas.

I LOVE bananas.

Along with all the token juice things, my fridge looked much happier.


And I was much happier too.

Did you get anything good this week?

The Bat.


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