What to do in the desert

Hello and Happy Tuesday Friends!

I hope that you enjoyed the Christmas Carb Fest 2011 recap.

Ok, now it is truth time.  Calgary, where we spent Christmas, is a fruit desert.  That is right people.  A place in the new world where nice, ripe, juicy fruit is just not so readily available.

Some of my fruit plates were nice;

Longans never disappoint.

This one was pretty good too, unlike the photo…;

Bananas tend not to fail to hard.

But the rest of it was kinda just under ripe and not that good.  So what did I do?  And what are my suggestions when you are visiting a place that is not fruit-bundant?  I will tell you.

Bunny Rabbit Time

More salad and green juice;  This was because I knew the quality of the fruit I was eating was poor, so it did not have as much nutrition.  I knew I needed the extra minerals and vitamins, so green were a good go to.  Greens juice will also help your immunity, as travel can cause us to get sick a bit more than usual.

Blend it up, whoo whoo

More frozen fruits and smoothies;  Frozen fruit can be a life saver when fresh ripe fruit is at a minimum.  Fruit is frozen at its peak ripeness, so there is a better chance that you will like the taste of it.  Smoothies are also helpful for digestion issues that are common when we travel, and the food is not what we are used to.  I had strawberry, banana, papaya and a dash of vanilla in this one.  It was AMAZING!

It felt like a feast for a king!

Also Durian, Dates and Bananas; Dates and bananas tend to be readily available, high in calories and nutrients as well as being tasty and generally of good quality.  Durian was a saving grace for me, because it was SO GOOD.  Bananas and dates are what I recommend that you gravitate towards when good quality fruit is scares.

There will come a time in your life, when you will have to make due.  And that is ok!  Just know that it is not forever.

So there you have it, my tips for travel.  Do you have any that I did not do?


6 thoughts on “What to do in the desert

  1. I just have to say a BIG THANK YOU to you. I am so enjoying your blog and have re-embraced green juices recently because of your posts about them. They are so mineral rich, I love ’em. Yeah, the Durian does look soooooo good!

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