Falalalah, falalalah, falalalalala


I am back!

Ok, I know I am a little late on the Christmas and holiday re-caps.  But I figure, why not drag it out as long as possible?

My Love, Baby Sister and I all traveled far to Calgary to have Christmas with our parents this year.

It was cold.  It was a bit of a fruit desert.  But it was still good to see our friends and families!

We spent copious amounts of time sitting around, doing not a whole lot.  I will not bore you with pictures of that.

What I will show you is Christmas Carb Fest 2011!   It was a feast to be sure.

My Love and I spent Christmas day with his family, and they had the traditional turkey feast for Christmas dinner.  I ate a salad and smiled and was happy.  On boxing day, we meandered our way to my folks place, and we stormed to kitchen making all the carbs a person could want.  Let the drooling begin.

Only humans were stuffed.

We made rice and veggie stuffing, with home-made garlic bread.  My mah almost died. We also made a whole loaf of home made garlic bread.  We spread garlic butter on sprouted grain bread and toast it.   Added to the rice and veg was just under half the amount of garlic bread than there was made.  Nibblers.

There were no vampires around, that is for sure.

Garlic roasted mashed potatoes.  With garlic butter added in. (We do Earth Balance, grated garlic, and herbs.  Yeah,  fat-tastrophy)

Tin foil. We are ghetto. And also did not have to do dishes.

These were roasted yams that I mashed with coconut milk, cumin, paprika, garlic, nutritional yeast and chipotle.  Then I baked them with left over garlic bread crumbs.

Yep. We did it with mushrooms

We made the classic mushroom gravy, with soup stock, coconut milk, herbs, spices and mushrooms.

Earth balance. With a side of carrots and dill.

There were dill covered carrots, as per My Baby Sisters request.

Seriously. Just so much fat. But also lots of "mmmmmmms"

This was raw pumpkin pie.  They all thought it was good, and I was pleased with that!  Blended coconut with spices and dates.

Take over.

We took over the whole kitchen.  It was fantastic.

Those are Papahs hands

The table was set, and plates were filled.

Actual carbs. Hahahaha

I had spinach with basil, and apples with cinnamon.  Because that say Christmas, right?

This is how we say "happy Christmas!"

We sat and took goofy family photos.

I can't be perfect all the time I suppose.

And I only caused burnt to one pot.  I am proud of that people.

I know, I am distracted by the table cloth too.

It was a happy Christmas carb fest.  And everyone had a stomach ache.  Except for me.  But it was a happy Christmas stomach ache together, and that is what it is all about, no?


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