Ask Me Anything Friday – Hijacked!!

Hello friends of Bats!!

This week, I have taken the liberty of hijacking the ask me anything post, because I want to talk to you about something I feel is very important.

That thing, is Green Juice.  I feel that green juice is one of the most healing things that a person can take in.  It is full of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and millions of phytochemicals (phytochemicals are the agents that the plant uses to protect itself from the elements, aka from oxidation.  That is why they are so good for you, they protect you just like they protect the plant).  It is pure liquid nutrition (which is the only way we can absorb nutrients, digestions is basically the process of turning solid food into liquid so that it can be ushered into our cells).  If you have compromised digestion, if you have any organ that is not working as well as it should be, if you have EVER damaged your cells by eating food that isn’t food (ie, processed foods, meat, dairy, eggs ect) or by being stressed, then I believe that green juice can be of benefit to you.  This is not a substitute for fruit.  You still need your calories from lots of fruit.  This is something to add to your regular program if you have trouble eating your greens, if you know you do not chew them effectively, if you have trouble digesting them (or if you have compromised digestion at all) or really, if you are human.  I have had some amazing results by adding green juice to my life, and I hope that I encourage you to try it and get those results too!!
So what is in green juice and why will it help you?!  Well!  Let me show you.

So many minerals!

Celery; Celery is one of the base ingredients in my green juice.  It is cooling and an anti-inflammatory for your system.  It is incredibly alkalising and full of minerals.   Rich in vitamin C, K and potassium and folate, This veggie is really a super food.  It also has compounds called phthalides running through its veins (teehee) which are said to help lower blood pressure.

I'm as cool as these guys.

Cucumber; Along with being very cooling and alkalising for the system (remember, most diseases need an acid state in order to live, so the more alkaline your body, the less chance you have of getting sick), this veggie (which is botanically a fruit) contains lignans, which have a protective effect against hormone based cancers like breast and ovarian.  It is also has anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant properties, meaning it helps to protect your cells from oxidative stress and damage.   It is also very high in Vitamin K, c and potassium


Ginger; I have blogged about the amazing health benefits of ginger before, but it bares repeating.  Ginger has been used for centuries as a cure for nausea and stomach upset.  It is also an amazing anti-inflammatory agent.  Ginger is also a carmnative, which means that if taken over time it will clean out and help to rebuild your digestive tract.  Neat-o!

Herbs are your friends.

Parsley; Parsley may be most known for its breath freshening effects, but this herb has so much more to offer!  It is excellent for helping the body rid itself of waste from the liver and kidneys.  It also contains volatile oils that have been shown to stunt cancer growth.  It is exceptionally high in vitamin K, C and folate, which also helps to protect the heart, and acts as an anti oxidant.

Not just for salsa anymore

Cilantro; Cilantro is an acquired taste for some, but it is one that I suggest you acquire.  Cilantro has an amazing capacity to pull heavy metals from your body and help you flush them out.  It is an excellent liver detoxifier as well.  It is an amazing anti-oxidant, as well as being full of potassium, magnesium, and the B vitamins.

The bulb of many wonders

Garlic; Raw garlic should be your new best friend.  It contains many powerful sulphur compounds that have been show to be good for everything from cancer prevention to helping heal heart disease (all of which will be destroyed during the cooking process, sorry guys).  These little bulbs also boast anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti parasitic qualities, which makes it a genuine cure-all.  I do about two cloves in my juice, and it makes it taste nice and savoury.  YUM!

Yes. All of those are mine.

Lemon; Last but most, we have lemon.  Lemon juice is an AWESOME liver cleanser.  In fact, if you take some lemon juice in warm water first thing in the morning, it will actually cause your gall bladder to contract, starting the liver to do its job, which will cause you to move your… business, so to speak!  It is a wonder.  Lemons are very alkaline, full of vitamin C, as well as being an awesome antioxidant. It will also totally cut the taste of the greens, making your juice taste zippy and fresh.

So there you have it, my recipe for a clean, alkaline, and a happy body.  Drinking green juice is like giving yourself a nutritional transfusion.  All the plant goodness goes right into your blood stream!  Green juice is also full of chlorophyl, a phytochemical used by plants in the photosynthesis process.  This substance is one molecule away from being identical to our red blood cells (our red blood cells have iron in the middle, where chlorophyl has magnesium), this makes it SUPER detoxifying for the blood and the body, chlorophyl supplements are even used as an internal deodorant!!!.  It will heal your gut, help your liver and gall bladder, clean your skin and give you a glowing complexion.

So, what are you waiting for?!   Go get cho self some juice yo!


8 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything Friday – Hijacked!!

  1. Thank you!
    Would you mind posting some of your favourite Smoothie recepies? Because I can’t quite imagine yet how to combine said greens to make them taste yummy…

  2. Thank you for your input. I agree the enzyme theory has been debunked, but there is no denying that green juice has made a huge difference for me in my life, and that is why I wanted to share! Just spreading love and light.

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