Mango Madness at the Market for ME!

Hey Guys!
My Market time this week as AMAZING.  I just can’t even believe what I got.  Let me show to you.


It is official.  Mangoes are back.  And I am NOT upset about it.  At all.

All the colours.

I got some grapes, and they are well and good.

Citrus madness.

These so tiny mandarin oranges taste like little drops of sugar.  And those grapefruit make me happy too.  SO punchy!

Themma Gunna Prick YOU!

I have really grown to love prickly pears.  They are crunchy and not to sweet, but full of flavour.   I was told that they have prickers that could legitimately prick me, I have yet to see that…

If you cannot tell. Those are sugar apples

I will tell you a secret.  I donated these to My Love because he likes them more than I do.  He ate them up like it was his job.  Which it was.

I got many.

I got many persimmons.  I was scared that their season was ending.  My fear was unjustified.  Just how I like my fear.

No, those are NOT bugs.

These rambutan are slightly past their prime in looks.  I had my doubts that they would be any good, but they were actually perfect!  I will be taking advantage of the rambutan deals much more in my future.

My loves have also returned.

I got quite a few papayas for this week.  My digestive system is already singing praises.


Last but most, I got STRAWBERRY GUAVAS!!  It had been so long since there were any of these around for deals.

It was an amazing shop.  I am a happy fruit bat this week.


2 thoughts on “Mango Madness at the Market for ME!

  1. You’re so lucky to get prickly pears that don’t attack you! The only ones I can get are growing, wild (usually as weeds in untended gardens) still on the cactus, and there’s no way to get them without super-thick gardening gloves… so it’s a bit of a mission to track them down and then go back for them. But it’s not like anyone else ever eats them, so I guess someone has to do it, right? 😉

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