Oh Yeah, I have a Blog…

Hey-yo and happy Monderday to you!!

I am so sorry about being M.I.A for the last couple of days.  Work has been really on the cray-cray side of things, and I feel like I have been out of the house more than I have been in it.  Plus, My Baby Sister left to go to Calgary(worstcityontheplanet) for Christmas break, so I am in miss with her.  All that asside, I have taken many pictures and planned out many posts, so let us do it!!

I had some Beauteous plates this week friends.

The banana looks out of place

Will I ever tier of these? No.

Persimmon Pile.

Prickly pears are actually so yummy, if you didn't know.

Many Mangoes for Me

TWO papayas!? Can you believe it?!

Guavas for the win. Every time.

So, perhaps you will have a fruit plate for dinner yourself today?


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