Yoga Posture Of The Week!

Hello Bats!

Today I want to talk about the most important posture that anyone can practice.  It is the most challenging of postures, while looking the most simple.

This is what I am talking about people

Savasana, or Corps posture.  It is the ultimate resting posture, and the ultimate healing posture.

To get into Savasana, you must lie on your back.  Let your feet be mat distance apart, feet fully relaxed and released to the sides.  Let all the tension in your legs go.  Release your kneecaps, calves and thighs.

Release your buttocks, let it be soft against the earth.  Make lots of space in your abdomen for air.  No holding your abs in this posture!   Allow for the natural curvature of the spine.  Feel your tail bone touching the earth, your lumbar spine curved away, your thoracic spine and shoulders surrendering to the support of the mat.

Place your arms so that they are not touching your side body at all.  Lie them down towards your feet, palms face up, fingers relaxed and slightly curved.

Allow your neck to come away from the floor, as you feel the back of your head weighted to the earth.  Release all your facial muscles, allow the brow to smooth, the lips to release.  Close your eyes and go into your body.

Watch your thoughts as they pass through your mind.  And they will.  It is our practice now to just observe those thoughts, and then allow them to pass on through.  Do not attach meaning, or names to your thoughts.  They are just thoughts.  Welcome them, give them space, and then make room for them to move on.

Focus on your breath.  Feel your lungs, abdomen and lower belly filling with air.  Notice the sensations you feel as that air empties from your body.  Keep your mind here, on your breath, bringing it back each time it wanders.  This is Savasana.

What is this posture good for?  Well, in savasana, we are shutting off our “fight or flight” instincts, and giving our entire systems a break. We are creating a space for ourselves in which the blood will flow from our extremities to our digestive organs, facilitating proper digestion, absorption and elimination.  We are shutting off our stress response, which can help to lower blood pressure, heart rate and even your blood sugar!  You are lowering your levels of cortisol, our bodies natural stress hormone, which can wreak havoc on our systems if it is our blood to long.

We are also training ourselves to detach from our thoughts.  This is very useful, because as you know we are not our thoughts unless we think that we are!  Did you know that your body does not know the difference between events that have actually happened, and those that just almost happened?  For instance, if you are driving, and you almost get into a car accident, your body reacts as if the accident did occur.  All the stress hormones that would have been release to protect you and your body will be released, but they now have nowhere to go (ie, the adrenaline that would have helped you to make a speedy get away, now will not be burnt off, and just stay in your system)  Through our breath watching and body relaxing, we are training ourselves not to react to our thoughts.  This provides a more stable mental you, as well as a more stable physical you.

So, do you practice savasana or some form of mental relaxation every day?!


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