My Week in plates

I ate some seriously beautiful food last week people.

Eye Balls!!

Papaya AND longans!  Can you believe it?!

Check out my melons

Melons made a glorious return.

I am in ❤ with those guys

As did Baby Guavas!!  They were SO amazing.

Sorry its all sloppy on the sides...

Melon seed pudding showed its face again.  It was welcomed with open arms. (:

I wish I were eating this right now.

Strawberries in the winter?!  What?!

Baby bananas after my heart

Lots of dragon fruit it my life

See you Wednesday with some yoga.


4 thoughts on “My Week in plates

  1. Nom nom! All looks so deliciousss!
    How do you make the melon seeds pudding? I tried putting the seeds in the blender but they went all crazy (scary sounds lol!) and didn’t really blend… any tricks?

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