But, What Do They Eat?

Happy Monderday guys!  Hope your weekends were stellar.

I get asked quite a bit what My Love and My Baby Sister eat, if they eat like me or if they eat differently.

I can tell you, they both partake in their fair share of this goodness;

Fruit for the masses.

My Love especially likes Bananas, and My Baby Sister is into Christmas Oranges at the moment.

When they are not eating fruits, they like to eat things that I make them.  Such as;

Everyone loves pancakes.

Gluten free chocolate banana pancakes with strawberry sauce.

Looks like bricks. Tastes better than bricks.

Mint chocolate freezer fudge.  I used some peanut butter in them too.

Them are some cookies. I swear.

Some raspberry Brazil nut cookies.  These were actually insanely good.

Big pots of stuff are my specialty.

I also make a tonne of one pot type deals for them.  Many batches of lentils and rice have passed their lips.

They are also crazy for ice cream;

They love the Champ as much as I do.

And my very most proudest achievement was getting them hooked on this;

Green juice partay!!!

I turned them into green monsters, just like me!

So now you know!


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