Ask Me Anything Fridays – Bad Breath

Hello and Happy Friday to one and to all!  I hope you are well and gearing up for an awesome weekend!

This weeks question of the week comes from a reader and fellow blogger ( Jennifer, who wanted to know;

“Dear U.F.B.
I would like to know your explanation for bad breath. I notice that some people’s breath will occasionally smell like what they’ve just eaten but there are some that have very ‘rotten’ smelling breath all of the time. What is the cause of that and what can they do about it? ”

Ah yes, the dreaded Halitosis.  That horrible moment when you go up to ask some one a questions, only to have no idea what they said to you because all you can think about is how much their breath just assaulted you in your personal space bubble.

But seriously, what is up with bad breath?  Well, the first and most obvious answer would be poor oral hygiene.  People who do not regularly brush and floss can have buildup of left over food in their mouth, which causes plaque and bacterial build up, which does not smell nice.  It is important to clean your mouth, but not to over clean.  For oral hygiene I recommend the following;

fluoride Free Tooth paste – Fluoride is a heavy metal, and it has no business being inside your body. (Yes, you do swallow and absorb your tooth paste, sorry folks)  There is even reason to believe that it does nothing to protect your teeth any ways.  Tom’s and Meiessance make some good fluoride free tooth pastes.  You can also make your own by using organic baking soda (yes, I know, but if it is organic it does not contain aluminium, because what would be the point of avoiding fluoride but then taking in aluminium?) apple cider vinegar and a few drops of peppermint oil.  It works really well!

DO NOT use anti-bacterial mouth wash –  You would not take a prescription anti-biotic every day, sometimes twice a day,  for years on end would you?  Truth is, our bodies are a mix of good and bad bacteria.  In fact, there are more bacteria cells in your body than there are cells that are YOU.  You are more bacteria than you are anything else.  By constantly bombarding your poor little mouth with good old bacteria killing mouth wash, you are creating an ideal environment for bad bacteria to thrive, since there is no good bacteria to help fight it off.  Avoid alcohol based mouth washes!  The burn may feel nice, but it is setting you up for a cycle of smelliness.

Use soft bristles – The medium and the hard ones are not nice to your gums.  Be gentle, and you will be glad.

So, what if you have done all that, and you still have bad breath?  Now I say it is most likely to be an internal problem.  When we have too much bacteria in our bodies (especially in our guts), when we are overly acidic, and when our digestion is not working up to snuff, this can have major effects on our breath.  Our digestive system is just one long tube, so it makes sense that if there are problems down below, it will show up above.  If you have bad breath, here are my tips for helping to solve the problem internally;

Cut out meat – Meat rots in the gut.  Sorry folks.  True carnivores have digestive systems that are a mere fraction of the length of ours.  The meat they consume is met with much harsher acids that our stomach acids, and it is in and out within 12-24 hours.  When we eat meat, due to the fact that it has NO fibre, is full of very very difficult to break down denatured protein strands, along with way to much fat, it can stay in our colons for up to 36 hours (OR MORE!!)  It sits in there, collecting bacteria, producing bacteria, and then leaching that bacteria into your blood stream.  This will make you smelly over all, but will also give you not so sweet breath.  To much animal protein will put you into a stake called Ketosis, where your body is breaking down proteins for energy.  This creates a crazy acidic environment, and will make your breath WREAK.  It is no fun for your body to deal with all that acid, and it is no fun for you to smell yucky.

Cut out Dairy – Dairy is the number one mucus forming food on this planet.  When you eat dairy, your digestive tract (along with your lungs, and bronchial tubes) get coated in a thick, sticky mucus.  This decreases the amount of nutrients that your body is able to get from your food, as well as slowing down transit time.  This again causes food to stay in your digestive tract far to long, leading to purification, and a smelly you.

Cut out refined sugars – Not all sugar is created equal.  Refined sugars like grains (even whole grains in my oppinion.  They sit in store houses for so long that all the natural oils found in the grain go bad.  I don’t think eating rotten food will help you smell sweet, do you?  Plus, they have that over acidifying and mucus forming quality we all love so much) , sweeteners and alcohol will all ferment in the colon.  This is a breeding ground for really really bad bacteria, not to mention candida over growths.  And again, these foods will also make you really acidic, another ideal environment for little particles to thrive that we do not want thriving.

Take in Green Juice – The enzymes, vitamins and minerals, along with all the other healing and protective phytochemicals in green juice heal and cleanse the digestive tract.  It can help to remove old waste and mucus, as well as re-building the delicate and important cells of the gut.  If you add garlic to your green juice, you are getting all of the power of natures anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, without any of the harmful effects of the pharmaceutical equivalent.  Green juice will alkalize your system as well, making it an ideal environmental for all the healthful bacteria to thrive and ward off bad bacteria in your system.

Eat lots of Fruit (away from fat) – You are what you eat. Fruit is full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and those amazing phytochemicals.  Fruits are  fast transit foods that is generally in and out of your system within 12 hours.  If you eat it away from fat, their sugars are absorbed into the blood stream at an optimal rate, and should not cause candida problems.  Fruit is also VERY cleansing for the system, helping rid you of old waste and mucus, much like green juice.  Fruit smells sweet, and when you eat NATURAL sweet (no processed sweet people) you will smell sweet.

Take a good probiotic – Really, there is nothing that a good probiotic can’t do.  Ok, that may be a touch of an over statement, but you get my drift.  If you fill your system with good bacteria, not only will you improve your immunity, your digestive function and your health in general, but you will also create an ideal environment for your body to fight off the bad buggies that can be causing you to smell none to sweet.  Look for probiotics that are human strain (not fermented on milk, ahem) and have at least 50 billion cells per serving.  I love Bio – K!!

So, it really does come down to taking good care of your gut.  I feel that almost all that ails us can be traced back to a digestive problem somewhere along the line.  If you take care of your mouth, take care of your gut, and take care of your body, your breath will reward you with sweetness.

Please keep the questions coming my friends!

Love to you all.


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