Plates of the week

Hey Friends!  I had some amazing plates this week.

I really love making these posts because you guys seem to love looking at all the beautiful food I eat.  And I love making you happy.  I am hoping it inspires readers to make some fruit plates of their own!

Doesn't it look so neat and tidy?

I was really happy about all the orange colour I ate this week.  Nice to eat the colour if sunshine in the middle of grey Vancouver.  (Which for the record, is really not that grey)

Tonnes of orange

Speaking of orange, my snacks at work looked just like they always do.  Why mess with perfection?

Sunshine, sprouts and liquid love

I had a few dinners with Juice;

Fruit and juice!?

One of my favourite fruit plates this week was made possible by the  five dollar donation from My Love for some longans!!

Little eye balls

I got ate some really smushy but really tasty persimmon.  Also some amazing dragon fruit;

A little bit of left over melon seed pudding too!

They look so cool inside!

Tastes like kiwi.

My dinners make me smile.

Persimmon stack. My favourite type of stack

What did you guys eat this week?  Did any one get inspired to eat a plate of fruit?


4 thoughts on “Plates of the week

  1. Dear U.F.B.
    I would like to know your explanation for bad breath. I notice that some people’s breath will occasionally smell like what they’ve just eaten but there are some that have very ‘rotten’ smelling breath all of the time. What is the cause of that and what can they do about it?

  2. Hi Ali, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and I’m seriously intrigued! I was raw foodie for a while during the summer and am now a sometimes raw/sometimes cooked vegan (hah that sounds wrong).

    Anyways my question for you is have you ever been tested for nutritional deficiencies? I’m not challenging you or anything I’m just curious as you don’t seem to eat a lot of greens aside from your juices.

    • Hey! Haha, I am glad that you have found a way that works for you, even though it sounds weird, lol. I have had lots of tests, and so far, so good! I think as long as you get enough fruit calories, you can actually get everything you need! I still say, a diet full of fruits and green juice has WAY more nutrients than the standard person eats in a day, if you get my drift.

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