This week, I had the most amazing grocery run of my life.

I got so much fruit.

I know right

I got all the oranges;

Just like the sun. But much more edible.

There were a few grapes.  Also PAPAYA!  I was SO EXCITED

Goin straight for my heart

There were also a few guavas hidden in a bad with some other fruit.

Haven't seen them in forever!

Hidden inside a box of strawberries, there were some persimmons

So mushy. So yummy

I found some Prickly Pears.  I didn’t think that I liked them that much, but I think I may now love them

Watch out! Themmna Prick you!

I also got a million dragon fruit.  Basically what I did was buy out my favourite stand from all their awesome ripe fruit.

Fire fruit.

The only casualty of carrying my 48 pounds of fruit that I got for 23.86 up the hill was my arm. It was a million percent worth it. Bruises heal, fruit is forever.

This bruise looks like a heart now

See you tomorrow my fruity friends.


2 thoughts on “OH MY GAWSH YOU GUYS

  1. Aww lol, heart bruise! I’m drooling over those papayas…I was in Kingston a few days ago, and they were so expensive there, they were $4 per small one…eeek.
    Can’t ways for the ataulfo mangoes to come back!

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