Yoga Posture Of The Week!

Hello again my bestest pals!

For this weeks posture of the week, I have chosen Bakasana, or Crow posture!

It is an arm balance, that is relatively accessible, and will hopefully give you the courage and strength to start to try other arm balances!  They are really fun to do, I promise.

So, for this pose, you want to start with your foundation.  That is hands flat on your mat, fingers spread wide apart.  Press into the index and thumb finger mound of your hands like you mean it,

I meant it.

Next, keeping your hands planted, lift your hips up into the air by straightening your legs and stand high on your tip toes.  Just like a dancer!

well, kinda like a dancer. Kinda

Now tuck your knees up into your armpits, with your shins resting along the length of your triceps.  Start to lean forward, keeping your hips lifted high in the air, your weight moving more into your hands and off of your feet

Right up in therrrrr

From there, start to experiment with lifting one foot and then the other off of the mat

You can put a pillow under yo face

You can stay and play with that, or you can start to really shift your weight into your hands, lifting your hips high, and bring both feet off of the mat!


When you are up, bring your big toes together.  Pick a spot on the floor a few feet in front of you to stare at, this will help with your balance.  Hold your belly button to your spine.  The full expression of the posture is with straight arms;

Because crows arms are straight.

There you have it!  If there is a posture you would like me to cover next, please let me know!

Also, yes, that is Baby Sister in the back round.


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