Kinda shitty, Kinda awesome

Happy Monderday people!  I hope you had an awesome weekend!  Any stories for me?

My Saturday was kinda shitty, kinda awesome.

It started out pretty awesome, but pretty early;

It is the morning, not the middle of the night. Promise.

I blogged for you, and then I spent some time kickin and punchin with T-Dawg;

They are stretchin.

That was pretty awesome.  Then I was a good patron and took my probiotic;

I love you little guy

I find that doing a round of Bio-K once or twice a year really keeps my digestive system happy.

I then did my best hobo impersonation;

I think the pants tucked into socks is the best part...

Because outside, it was shitty;

It was rain. And cold.

I realized I should have brought and umbrella when I saw the streets looking like this;

It was a flood.

I got to work, and headed to my office;


This is the packaging department at Orgainc Lives.  It is where I work on Mondays, Tuesdays and every second Saturday.  I did my shift, and it was super busy and super chaotic.  Not my most favourite.  At the end, I got free juice, which was awesome;

That little bottle is pure celery juice!!

I combined it with some juice I made at home to create SUPER JUICE;

Yay awesome SUPER JUICE

Then I did some yoga;

I was dialling the sun. He never picked up.

After that, Baby Sister came home from her work, and we all did our hobo impersinations;

We are prepared!

Because it was time to head out to get some DURIAN!  It was only five pm;

Nope! Not midnight!

We realized how early it gets dark now.  Kinda shitty.  But the rain had stopped and it was not very cold, so that was awesome!

We collected our loot, and then on the way home we discovered a bus that would take us almost to our door step from the train station!  Usually we have to take the train, then another bus which is alway PACKED.  Now we just have to take one, comfortably populated bus.  Awesome;

We were feeling mixed emotions it seems...

We set up our living room, and durian night commenced;

My eyes are always bigger than my stomach, I didn't eat it all. I swear.

We rejoiced and were glad in it.

So, although working on a Saturday in the rain may be kinda shitty, getting to spend time with My Love and Baby Sister with durian is super awesome.

How is your life awesome?


2 thoughts on “Kinda shitty, Kinda awesome

  1. Do you do any other forms of exercise besides yoga? About how any calories do you take in to maintain your activity level? Just curious.

    • Hey Shaadoe! I do TONNES of other things! I do p90x, I walk every where, I dance I do yoga, but that is due to the fact that I just love to move. I vary how much I eat every day, based on what I am doing that day. Go on your intuition! If you are still hungry, eat more. If you wake up the next day after enough sleep still tiered, then you need to eat more for your activity level! I do believe that you can’t really eat to much on this lifestyle though.

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