Don’t eat ugly food

Happy weekend everyone!  I hope you all have exciting and relaxing plans for the next couple of days.

I am going to be working this morning (boo), then it will be time for some R and R!

When I was 18, I went to New Zealand for bible school.  The school was set up so that we were all sequestered into community living, (I am not a fan…) which meant sharing bed rooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen.  There was a chef who prepared meals for everyone, but they were all meat and dairy and white flour meals.  I was raw at the time, and learning that this was my best shot at avoiding stomach aches.  There was no equipment there, so I quickly became a low-fat high carb raw vegan be default!  All there was to eat was fruit!

One night, I was eating my dessert of a frozen banana chopped up and mixed with raisins, dates and cinnamon, when one of the students from Germany asked if he could try some.  I will admit I was pretty judged for the way I was eating, so this was a strange occurence.  Especially since the guy was from Germany and was used to sausage, and bread.  I gave him a bite, he looked at me and said, “wow, you don’t eat ugly food do you?”  Haha, nope!

Not that ugly...

Green juice was big this week;

This was my snack for school!

The best part about going to a holistic nutrition school is that no one judges you when you pull out a litre of green juice at snack time.  They are all envious instead.

Sunshine on a plate!

I got lots of questions this week about my orange eating habits.

Don't you want to dive in?

I was even asked if I was on an orange diet.  Kinda…

Fruit plates for the win.

I ate lots of dragon fruit this week.  Ugly?  I think no.

Baby Sister says they look like Dr. Seuse fruit.

Also the persimmons were SO good this week!

Those totalled one money in cost.

I also enjoyed my fair share of grapes;

So many grapes

And the baby bananas were so cute.

They taste different from the big guys. You must give them a try.

Dinner is always a feast;

Look at it!!

For the belly and the eyes;

Gettin hangry yet?

For serious and for trues people, don’t eat ugly food.


One thought on “Don’t eat ugly food

  1. Which nutrition school do you go to? I have been sort of thinking I might be interested in studying nutrition, but most university programs seem to involve lots of labs and stuff I am not super interested in. I’m not awesome at science :/ Is this the case for your holistic nutrition school?

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