My Forages for the week

Hello again friends!

SO, it is November, and I was starting to feel fearful that fruit was going to become scares around these parts.  I know it is Vancouver, and I know that we ship food in from…everywhere.  But still.  I was starting to worry that I would be subsisting on banana ice cream until next we saw the summer’s sun.  I was so wrong!  Here are all the awesome deals I got this week;

The plastic makes it better... :s

I got this ripe melon for a dollar.  I am so excite for Melon Seed Pudding!

Are you afraid of these? They can breathe fire. I am pretty sure anyway.

I was tricked by the produce stand lady into getting these dragon fruits.  I have never really LOVED them, but for a money, I think I will try them again.

My Love was even happier to see these guys than I was

Mangoes are coming back.  I am pleased.

So yum

I had forgotten about my love of grapes.  I remember now.

Grapefruit, for you love or hate?!

I really love grapefruit.  I used to find them to bitter, but then I was taken to California for a week, and I ate a grapefruit off of the tree in the back yard of the house I was staying in every day.  My love for them has since never dwindled.

Because a week without oranges is no week at all.

I think you all understand my love for citrus by now, don’t you?

Next I found these amazing guys!

Ripe and Rarin!!

Persimmons!  I got these two for a dollar.  I thought that was pretty good, until this happened;

Oh yes. This happened.

We were at Super Store, getting our weekly durian, when I turned and saw these persimmons, three for a dollar.  naturally I got 33.

It was an amazing week for being the winter time.

How has fruit foraging been for you guys lately?


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