Baby Sister does art

Hey Guys!

Hope your weekends were restful, and that you are ready to get back atter today!

My weekend was pretty usual, lots of chores and foraging, but there was a very special highlight on Saturday night.  My Baby Sister attends the local arts university here in Van-city, and this weekend she was part of a fund-raiser!  She and all the other participants were each given a skate board deck, and were told to art it up any way that they wanted to!  The boards were then auctioned off for charity.  The event was held at a tattoo parlour down town, and that is where My Love and I met up with Baby Sister;

Twas called The Fall.

She introduced us to her cool friend;

They Do Art

And then she showed us where they had mounted her board!!

Baby Sister made the cat

I made her take a photo with her board;

Because I am like a Mom, only more fabulous.

We marvelled at her talent for a while, and then we pursued the other boards.  Here are some of the ones I thought were neat;




Then there was this one;

Can't you tell by looking at it what it is?

See what they wrote on their board;

If you have to explain what it is...

Animal activism, always good.

Ten thousand internet monies for anyone who can tell me what this one says!!

No cheating and looking it up. I will know.

When we were done admiring, we spent some time with this thing;


Then we were all hot, tiered and arted out.  So we got on the bus and came home.

Baby SIster hates the bus.

I love you Baby Sister.  You are amazing, and I know you are going to sit shit up with your outstanding talent.

Never forget that I love you.


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