Luscious Lunches, Dinners to Die For.

Hello and Happy weekend Bat friends!  Anything fun or special in place for you this weekend?  I know what I will be doing… DURIAN!

It is so funny with durian.  There are weeks where I don’t really think about it, and if no one reminds me, I could go without.  Then there are weeks like this week, where it is ALL.I.CAN.THINK.ABOUT.  So we will be having a good ol’ fashioned durian night tomo.

As for my post today, let us have a day of food porn.  Here are some of the lunches and dinners that graced my plate this week.

As for lunches;

So pink! So fresh!

There was a tonne of grapefruit;

Yes, peeling it does take half of my lunch break... worth it.

Green Juice;

The usual with the addition of some beet

And green juice;

This one had GARLIC! So.Good

Some sprouts dressed in lemon and stevia;

Don't knock it till you try it friends

And of course grapes;

I wish I could lunch at home more often. Beside the grapes is melon seed Pudding!

And mandarins!

It tastes like Christmas to me!

Dinners included some amazing ice creams;

Baby Sister loved the colour gradient...

It was banana, orange, strawberry and cantaloupe;

I added vanilla. It was amazing with green juice and grapes

Some neon mango, banana, orange and strawberry stuff happened too;

Why add food colouring when nature gave us this?!

Some stunning fruit plates;

I can feel your seething envy. And I am ok with it.

And on one special night, My Love got me these!

Big bag for Little Guys!

When I peeled them all;

They are a touch eyeball esqu...

And half a century of pitting later a little while later;

All ready to eat!

So that was my week in food porn.  I know what you are all thinking.  I wish I was me too.


6 thoughts on “Luscious Lunches, Dinners to Die For.

  1. Hi, Just popping by to say I love your blog and your care and attention of the food. And showing where you sit in your class, very cool. Thank you for going to all the effort 🙂

  2. I agree. Your yummy posts and positive attitude are inspiring. My questions (for Friday questions 🙂 Is nutritional yeast a good product to add to your diet to ensure enough B12. How do you (personally) ensure you get enough iron & calcium.

    • I think that nut yeast is a good supplement to take, and I think that getting testing for b12 and taking a supplemental form of it every once in a while is never gunna hurt! It is water soluble, so you would od, but don’t take it all the time. As for iron and calcium, if you eat enough fruit and veggie calories, you should be fine!

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