Ask me anything Fridays!

Hello Fruity People!

It is almost the weekend!  Yay!  Are you doing anything exciting that you want to tell me about?

On another note, I want to start a Q and A page here on the blog, and I want to make Fridays our “Questions to the Bat Day!”

Every friday I will pick a comment or question that I got from your via the comments section or e-mail and I will answer it.

This can be anything you are interested to know, from my diet and lifestyle stuff, to nutrition questions, yoga questions or anything else!

I want to hear more from you who are reading and not commenting!  Please come and play!  I do not bite, I promise.

I would also be very happy if the questions turned into discussions, so feel free to post your thoughts after I have posted mine.

You can contact me at, or you can just leave me your question in the comments section.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys better too!


8 thoughts on “Ask me anything Fridays!

  1. Do you ever get tempted to eat the gorgeous food you prep for your Love and Sister? Do you let yourself taste any of it and can you stop! My issues!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Claire! I don’t really get tempted, only because I know I will get a big fat stomach ache if I eat a bunch! I work in a kitchen too, so I am used to making food and not eating it. I do nibble on the dates that I use as sweetener as I go however…

  2. I wonder if you realize how mouth watering your delicious fruit pictures become to those of us in India getting only local fruits.. and Only in season.
    They are fabulous i say… but would LOVE to eat, drink and BE what you are eating….

  3. I see a lot of your meals seem to spread the gambit of sweet fruit, sub-acid fruit and acid fruit (elg. bananas, grapes and oranges all in one meal). Do you ever get digestive issues from food combining? I feel like I am always paying the price every time I break the rules.

  4. Hey Ben! I do not seem to have any issues combining my fruits. I only have problems when I combine fruits and veggies together. It is so interesting how we are all so different, right?

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