This weeks loot!

Thursday!  It is Thursday!  Any one doing anything awesome this weekend?

For you today, I have all the pictures of the awesome loot I got for this week.

First on the docket mangoes are on there way back.  I got these three little ones for a dollar.

Good thing they were in that box, right?

Bananas were big this week.  These were a dollar a bag;

Bananas in a bag!

The pantry bananas were brought to you courtesy of Choices Market.  50 cents a pound;

Bananas in the pantry!

As well as a few token baby ones!!

Baby bananas make my life happy bananas

I got these two melons to freeze for ice cream;

...checkoutmymelons. Ya sorry, had to say it. Well, type it.

As well as this bag of strawberries!!

You see slightly past their prime strawberries, I see ice cream

I had just been thinking of Christmas oranges, and walla!  They were there, waiting for me to exchange a money for them;

Tastes like Christmas!!

I also got all the green juice stuff I needed for the week, as well as the oranges I needed.

Celery and citrus.

It was a pretty good run this week!

Did you find anything good in your foraging?


7 thoughts on “This weeks loot!

  1. Wow, what great deals!
    I found a great deal today…3 hachiya persimmons for $1, and I bought about 12 of them! …but…SO SAD, I left them on the city bus…I was on the verge of tears when I realized that I forgot them :(. I will have to go back tomorrow!

  2. I like in Toronto :)! Usually they’re $1 a piece, but they were very, very ripe, so they were on a super deal. I went back today and they didn’t have any more *sigh*.
    I’m really going to have to buy some regular price, I keep thinking about them!

  3. Toronto is awesome! A great place to be a fruity girl :).
    Btw, I went and got persimmons yesterday! They were 1 for 99 cents. Not a good deal, but I just HAD TO! Just waiting the them to ripen now. Oooo yeah!

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