Fab Friday

Happy Tuesday my little guys!

We had the best Friday ever around here this last weekend.  It started at the crack of noon with a Tony Horton hang out;

He'll come to your house if your heals hit the deck

In my P.J’s, on account of it being awesome to work out in your P.J’s

My pants have vampire ginger bread guys that say "bite me"

After I was all done, the fam and I got ready to hit the road!  It was storming out, so everyone was really excited;


The wind was blowing so badly, it effected our picture-taking skills negatively.

This was the best one we got...

We were actually relieved to be in the train, it was warm.

My Love is bad ass.

We were greeted by awesome when we got to the store;

This is joy

We traveled home and left our durians to get warm;

Those are refugee durians

I put my in the dehydrator.  It worked much better than the oven; (do you remember the oven durian in Victoria?!)

Hidin out

Then I had a vat of green juice;

double the juice, double the foam

As well as some liquid vomit algae;


Yoga happened;


After that, we set up the living room for durian partay;

We were ready for a good time

I got out my so small durian;


Peeled and was ready to eat.

this = happy bat

How was your weekend?


5 thoughts on “Fab Friday

  1. The durian looks great! Have you always loved it and do you find the aroma – odd in anyway? I have never had one, but am so looking forward to the experience. In the UK, if we ever do see them, which I only have once EVER (and it smelled kind weird and was open in quite a few places, so I had no idea if it was a good buy) they are £25!!!!!! Ho do you pick a good one?

  2. Haha, yes I think you need to be asian or a raw foodie to love durian. It is hard to pick a good one! I look for one with very little green, and really well developed bulges. But it doesn’t always work!

  3. DUDE! did you get harem pants? Best things ever??!! Aww yeah, too bad its too chilly to wear them in class right now.
    Also, you make me very curious about durian… very curious indeed

  4. Girl! I have the pants, and I am wearing them right now. Thank you again for the tip. I LOVE THEM. Any time you wanna come for a durian-venture, you let me know. I will teach you all you need to know.

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