Hey Friends!  Happy Friday!

To my Canadian peeps, happy long weekend!  And also it is 11/11/11 today.  Neat!

I have had some really awesome things to eat as of late.

Yes, I eat sprouts on their own. What?!

This was one of my snackies at work.  I love working at Organic Lives.  Working at Organic Lives means never having to pack a lunch.  I used to HATE packing a lunch.


I also made some amazing ice cream;

preped frozen yummy things

I cut up bananas, mangoes, oranges and apricots;

Yep. Amazing

I added vanilla, and I almost died;

My Love almost died too.

I made some sprouts;

We have LIFE!

I like to nibble on them.  They have all the nutrients that  a little bean need to become a full-blown plant!  Powerhouses.

I also had this little snack;


It was grapes and green juice.  I know that you have seen so many green juices that you are most likely getting sick of me, and them.  But this juice was special!  The day before, we thought the The Champ had finally kicked the can.  The on switch was flipped, and nothing happened.  We were SO SO sad.  But, My Love being the craft guy that he is, fixed it some how!  So we celebrated with what else, but juice.

Then I had the best fruit plate of my life;

I just can't even get over it.

This one had orange, grapefruit, persimmon, grapes, mango and bananas.  Just amazing.  I was really thinking I was going to have to turn to ice creams allot more during the winter, but as it turns out there is still a plethora of awesome things to eat!

As a side note, I have started taking some of this on the days when I don’t get two juices in a day;

It's ALIVE!!

It is algae and it is just gross.  OK, I do not love the taste, but it is SO good for you!  It is so full of chlorophyll, which is one element away from being the same structure as our red blood cells.  It is cleansing and detoxifying for the whole system, as well as chock full of vitamins and minerals.  So it is worth it.

Actually, so gross.

SO that is what is going on here!

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow, where I will show you all my school stuff!!


4 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I like to mix a bit of the E3 with OL’s fresh Thai coco water. It actually tastes good, I swear! (Just a bit of the E3, though…)

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