Spice up your life!

Good day Batty Friends, how are you this fine Thursday morning?

If you are in Canada, do you have any plans for the long weekend?  I may.  And they may involve durian.  Just warning you.

Today, I want to talk to you about the herbs and spices that I use on a regular basis.

WHAT?!  A fruitbat using herbs and spices?!  What has gone on in this world?

Relax!  Herbs and spices are the Earth’s oldest medicines!

First up, my most favorite;

Literally tastes tasty on everything

This is cinnamon.  It is sweet, fiery and rich.  I love cinnamon on citrus like orange and grapefruit, but it tastes just as awesome on most any fruit.

Cinnamon is an excellent anti-inflammatory.  Which means that it can help bring down areas of heat and excess blood flow in the body.  This is good because although acute inflammation to an injury is healing,like when you stub your toe,  too much inflammation over to long of a period of time can cause major problems and damage.  Cinnamon is also excellent for helping to control and lower the blood sugar.  Cinnamon is now used in supplemental form to help those with mild hyperglycemia!  It is amazing stuff, and I love it.

Next on the docket;

Look at those little pod guys!

Cardamom!  This ancient Indian spice is best known for its digestive health properties.   It can help those suffering from indigestion as well as those who are dealing with hyper acidity in their stomach.  It is a warming herb, which gives it its slight detoxifying properties.  Cardamom is also a sweet spice, that is earthy and slightly fruity.  I love to blend cardamom and cinnamon together and have that on my fruit.  It is especially nice with citrus, as it has citrus notes itself, as well as apples if you can believe it!

Number three on my list?

Remember putting these inside oranges at Christmas time?

The little gems knows as cloves are so very under rated in my opinion.  Their taste is quite strong and spicy, and if used a bit to heavily it can give a slightly astringent taste to your food (ie. it will taste like soap.  Bleck) If you use it right however, it can really go a long way to helping your body!  Again, this spice has been used in studies to help bring down joint and muscle inflammation, which can provide significant pain relief for those who are suffering.  Clove has also been used in dentistry (and child rearing) as a mild pain reliever for gums!  Seriously, try putting a dab of clove oil on your gums next time they hurt, or on your child’s gums if they are teething, it really does provide a numbing sensation.  It is also used as and anti-septic and anti-fungal.  I love cloves again with citrus, because they have a fiery citrus taste, but again, do not use too much or you will regret it!  And you will have a numb mouth to boot.

Last, but most;

gnarly and amazing.

GINGER!! I love love love love ginger.  It is hot, sweet, earthy and amazing.  I love ginger in my green juices and steeped in hot water with stevia to make a bleached bag free tea!  Ginger has some amazing healing properties.  It is a very effective anti-inflammatory, and I would suggest ginger in your life if you suffer from any kind of joint or stomach pain.  Ginger is used to relieve the feelings of nausea and cramping that women feel during pregnancy, and, lets face it, that everyone feels some times!   Ginger’s most amazing property is its carminative effect.  This means that it actually helps to cleanse out your intestines, especially focusing on gas!  This means that it can have some really profound effects on someone suffering from long-term stomach pain.  I love it paired with lemon as well.

So there you have them!  My top four healing spices of late.

What do you like, if you are into healing herbs?


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