Sunday Foraging.

Helloo again my lovely friends!

As you may or may not have gathered, Sundays have become my new shopping days.  I used to spread my shopping out over the week, but now that things are a bit busier around here, I have to get it done all in one day most of the time.

This week was pretty dang good.

From Granville, I got 30 oranges for 6 buckaroos;

Oranges never go out of style

Five bags of grapes for $5

tis the season and I could not be more pleased

Mangoes, three for a money;

Tisn't the season. But it will be again soon!


Think they are too bitter? Try peeling off the skins around the fruit! Then it is perfectly sweet.

And a little dollar box that had one prickly pear;

His seeds are SO crunchy

AND two passion fruits!

Or are they some sort of strange egg... we will have to wait and see

Then My Love and I went to Choices Market to scope out their baking banana selection;

Not THAT much, but enough for a few days

I also got all my green juice supplies;

just a sampling.

Looks like it is going to be a delicious week.

How about you?  Did you get anything good this week?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Foraging.

  1. Ooh, your goodies are lookin fab! I got some passion fruit this week – they are currently wrinkle free so hoping they age quickly! Also some fantabadosa kiwi fruits and the longest, biggest bunch of organic celery I ever saw. 🙂

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