Om Nom.

Hey Bats, Happy Monday!

There have been some seriously good eats going on around here as of late.  I tell you what.

It all started Friday.  My boss teaches at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and on Friday he was in our break room teaching the students about Holistic Food Preparation.  This meant that instead of foraging for ourselves in the staff fridge, we got to order a salad from the kitchen.  Everyone else took the opportunity to order raw Caesar salads and other expensive dressings that we do not usually get in the staff fridge.  They were gloppy and salty and fatty.  Mine, on the other hand, looked like this;

Big bowl for big salad

I had sprouts, grated carrot, beet and cucumber, with two torn nori sheets and lemon juice.  It was SO good.  Also my green juice as you can see in the back.

That night, I treated myself to this beauty;

I love those persimmons.

There was also green juice in the background;

Nestled in between the computers

On Saturday, I made My Love this to feast on;

Soup and sammi!

That was a roasted cauliflower and lentil stew, with a sandwich that had home-made sun-dried tomato and jalapeño humus and raw Alloo Tikki patties on it.  He eats like a king, I tell you what.

I had ice cream;

Look at the layers!!

It had orange, mango, apricot and banana;

This tasted even better than I thought it was going to. For realz

I also made some foamy yummy;

Every time I make it, I put in more and more herbs. It was a spicy little guy.

As well as a plate of guava’s and persimmons;

crunchy crunchy crunch

I eat like a king too;

I added some vanilla to the ice cream. Then I died.

On Sunday, I did what all My Love and My Baby Sister wished they could have done;

It is a gallon of durian.

Most of the time when I buy durian, my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  I generally end up having a little bit left over, which I freeze.  My Love and My Baby Sister will also have some left over that they will generally eat as ice cream the next day.  I, on the other hand, stock pile mine until I have LOTS.  Then I eat it.

I may have taken a few fork full's off the top. Do you blame me?

As well as my big container, I also had three other pieces;

Look at them in there!

One of my co-workers knows of my obsession for the King of Fruits, and she decided to bring me a few pieces of one that she bought last week!  She is so sweet!;

Don't you wish you were me? I mean really?

They were so good.  Thank you Mable!

As you can see, it was on delicious weekend.

How about you?


5 thoughts on “Om Nom.

  1. I had loads of watermelon, a few persimmons (do they ever ripen slowly!) and a TON of ripe (ripe ripe ripe rriiiiiipe) pineapple 🙂 Sooo good. OH and pretty good dates. I think this week when I get paid I’m gonna get some dates from the Bautista famski.

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