Twas a yummy day.

Hey Guys!  How have your weeks been so far?  Mine has been PACKED!!

I started school at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition this week, which is a fairly new development in my life!  I will be sure to tell you all about it soon.  I am also still working at Orgainc Lives, as well as practicing yoga at Semperviva, keeping my house running smoothly and doing all the other things that one must do to keep life going.

So how do I manage to maintain my eating style, whilst being so busy?  I feel that this is a major concern for many out there who would like to have a more fruit based or 80/10/10 lifestyle.  They think the people who are the most successful in this lifestyle are the hippies who have moved away from society so that they can constantly keep an eye on their fruit stash whilst they eat all the live long day in order to get their calories.

This is not true!  And that is exactly why I started this blog, to show that this lifestyle is totally attainable for the on the go city folk.  In fact, I feel that all the health benefits of this lifestyle serve to help the average busy person do BETTER in their lives, because they have all the energy and nutrition that they need to carry them through their days!

But I digress, today I will show you how I eat on busy days, just so you can get a sense of what it looks like.

I start my day the hydration way;

I love that lemon-aid!

I feel best when I have lots of water in the day.  Some people say that you don’t need to drink as much in this lifestyle, because everything we eat is so full of water.   I still think and feel that it is important to drink up, especially if you are going to work out!!  Which I highly recommend that you do.  I would have worked out before I started drinking my water.

Later, I take my first green juice of the day;

In a glass jar for effect

I am lucky enough to work at a restaurant that serves green juice.  If you are not, you can make your juice in the morning, and take it with you to work! (just be sure to store it in a glass jar, and do drink it as soon as possible.)   Think of it as coffee, only alkaline instead of acid, and mineral rich instead of mineral depleting.  It will give you BETTER energy too!

On my break, I will have some fruit;

Cinnamon makes oranges double amazing. Fact.

As well as something green.  I have been digging a salad of sprouts, tomato, cucumber, lemon juice and nori as of late;

Why use salt when you can use super mineral rich sea veggies?

I am a big believer in sea veggies.  I think that they taste amazing, provide the body with a very concentrated source of vitamines and minerals, and adds that extra little something special to anything you put it in.  I like to get my greens, but remember that they are low cal, so you should eat some fruit with it too!  It is best to eat your fruit first and greens second, if you are really picky about your digestion.

In the afternoon, I will have my second green juice;

All the guys, ready to go!

With extra foam;


When I get home from work it is time for a fruit plate!;

If you buy with the seasons, things will not be so expensive! I promise!

Look that the guavas I have right now!!

So yummers

OR a big ol’ bowl a love;

This one was amazing.

The above amazingness was banana, honeydew and nectarine.  I seriously cannot tell you how good it was.

Then there will be a bit more munching;

So you see, if you space things out, plan in advance a little, and drink plenty of water, you should be totally fine doing this lifestyle in and amongst all the other things you have to do!  It is just a matter of finding a routine that works for you.
Perhaps you like to have a big breakfast.   Maybe a big dinner.  Perhaps you like to make yourself a huge salad at lunch, then have only fruit for the rest of the day.  Maybe you snack all day at your desk.  It really doesn’t matter so much, as long as it works for you.

How do you make this lifestyle work for you on your busy days?


2 thoughts on “Twas a yummy day.

  1. So awesome to see what you eat in a day, I love the emerald green juices. My day looks kinds similar right now; plenty of water, green juices, heaps of bananas and oranges and the last of the mangoes. If I had more time/patience there would be more pomegranates 🙂

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