Yoga, that thing I used to do

Happy new day guys!  I hope it is off to a great start for you.

I will admit, I have been slacking on the yoga front.  My pass at my local yoga studio ran out a few months ago, and I have been neglecting to practice much at home.  I have been doing P90X, which has been great, but I have found that my body craves yoga.

So I purchased a pass this last weekend.

When I have gotten myself to my mat over the last few months, here is what has gone down;

This is Natajara-asana, or Lord of the Dancers Posture.  I love it because it promotes great balance and stability.  It is also an amazing hip, shoulder and chest opener, as well as an awesome stretch for the quad.  The ultimate end to this posture is getting your foot to your head… maybe one day.

Just holdin my toe...

The next posture I have been doing is Utthita Hasta Padangustasana.  In english we say extended hand to big toe pose.  I think it sounds much more eloquent in Sanskrit, but that is just me.  It is also an excellent posture for cultivating balance, as well as hip flexablility.

I have also been playing with pinchamayurasana;

Like the feathers of a peacock, don't cha know

My shoulders are hyper mobile, which is awesome for back bends and things of that nature, but they are movable at the expense of some stability.  Postures like this one really help to build shoulder strength and stability.

And then I like to tap into the shoulder mobility to play with scorpion posture;

Again, going for the food to head action...

This posture is an awesome shoulder and hip opener.  It also builds amazing core and shoulder strength.  I ❤ it.

I have been working on getting into handstand as well.  My teacher Reno taught me some hand stand prep postures.  The first two are done by placing your hands on the ground, legs distance from the wall.  You then walk your feet up the wall until your body makes a ninety degree angle.  Then you let one foot dangle for ten breaths, then the other.

Just hangin upside down, you know.

Next, you lift one leg at a time straight into the air.  You are trying to feel for your centre of gravity here, so you are actively drawing your legs together, and your belly in and up.

I am finding my center.

Next, I do the “L” version of hand stand.  What you do is place your hands on the floor, and grip your finger tips into the mat.  Bring your shoulders over your wrists, looking at the floor between your hands.  Walk your feet in just as you would in down dog, and then gently life your right leg into the air.  With a few gracful hops, float up so that your lifted heel touches the wall, and the lower leg is extended towards parallel to the ground.  Work your legs energetically towards one another, attempting to balance without the aid of the wall.

Like an L, only better.

Then I practice full hand stand, drawing my legs together really powerfully, pulling my belly in and up, and gripping the floor with my finger tips;

Adho Mukha SvanasanaSo, how about you?  What have you been working on?


6 thoughts on “Yoga, that thing I used to do

  1. i am still working on my scorpion pose and dont manage without a wall. do u have any tips of how to get there faster? i mean to be able to balance for a longer time, without a wall 😉

    • Hey Alexia! For me, I can stay up the longest when I draw my lower belly in and up, belly button to my spine (the bhandas) as well as squeeze my legs together really powerfully. If you imaging your line of centre, from your chest all the way to your toes, and energetically squeeze everything in towards it, it should help you to feel more stable. As well as really pressing into the forearms, hands and gripping with the fingers!

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