Bat-tastic Sunday!

Hello again my Fruity friends!  Hope that your Tuesdays are off to an awesome start.

This Sunday was my day off.  It started a little questionably;

Oh Mah Gawsh.

I had been busy all week, and had neglected to do ANY shopping.  So by Sunday my fridge was looking very sad, and very depleted.

In order to remedy the situation, I first went to Choices Market, and asked them for their “baking bananas.”  Those are the bananas that are “over ripe” or just not fit to sell.  I get them organic for about 50 cents a pound.  Amazing.

They are still in need of ripeness. So they will sit in their little corner.

Then I went to Granville Island market.  I had been wining that I wanted persimmons to go on special for about a week, and when I get to the market, lo and behold, PERSIMMONS!!  They were 3 for a dollar, which is the exact price I was wanting them to be!  The Universe is so good to me.

Hello awesome!!

I got myself some oranges, ten for two monies;

I heart you citrus. All the day.

And from the shady bin I got this bunch of bananas;

Hello guys!

That were organic as well, excuse me;

The '9's' mean they are gooooood

My favourite guava guys;

Hello little guava-guys!!!

Some zuk’s

Could be pasta, could be dip, I dono

As well as some apricots, all for the ridiculous one dollar price;

A little pale, but a lot yummy

After that it was time to replenish my green juice stash.  And that I did.

A stove top of green goodness!

After all that foraging, my fridge looked much better;

I can sleep at night now.

My freezer doesn’t look to shabby either;

The big container in the front is durian. Durian ice cream will happen.

I took a snack to replenish my reserves;

Complete with green medicine.

Next, it was off to Semperviva for a practice with Brittany;

Just in this room. No big deal.

I have found that my body does not do life well without yoga.  So I surrendered to fact and got myself a new pass.  Expect that I will be at the studio a million times a week.  This practice was juicy and lovely.  Thank you Brittany.

Then My Love and I supported Hati, by getting some tea from David’s Tea, where all the proceeds are donated to helping make Hati self-sufficient.

It tasted like fruit punch!!

I then had dinner;

Can't go wrong with all this awesome.

Snuggled with My Love, and called it a night.

Life is sweet.

How was your weekend sweet?


2 thoughts on “Bat-tastic Sunday!

  1. OMG. My persimmons were two for three dollars last week and almost 3 dollars a piece this week. Eh. Still worth it 😉 They’re sooooooooo good! I love them.

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