Some Monday Morning FAQ’s!

Good Monday Loves!!  I hope that your weekends were awesome and restful.

SO!  I have been getting a few questions over and over again as of late, so I have decided it is time to answer them in one post!

First things first, many people are concerned about candida.  People ask me all the time how a person could possibly eat so much sugar (in the form of fruit of course) if they have candida, or if they are concerned about getting it.
So here is the scoop.  Everyone has candida.  It is a natural part of our bodies.  What happens when we eat sugar, we get a small candida “bloom” whilst the candida feeds on the sugar that is in our blood stream.  In a normal, healthy person, insulin goes to work, the sugar is moved from the blood stream and into our cells, the candida bloom dies down and goes back to its natural, normal level.

When our bodies do not move the sugar out of our bloodstreams, that is when candida over growth can become a problem.  Why would the sugar stay in the blood stream?  It could be diabetes or other metabolic issues, or it could be that there is too much fat in the bloodstream.  When there is an excess of fat in the blood stream, it coats our cells which blocks them from absorbing the sugar that is floating around.  The sugar stays in the blood stream causing a prolonged candida bloom, and that is when candida is a problem.  Thus the problem with candida is not really sugar, so much as the fact that there is too much fat in the blood blocking the cells from absorbing the sugar properly.  That is why the  lifestyle I follow is a low-fat one, based on a calonutrient ratio of 10% protein, 10% fat and 80% carbohydrates (mostly coming from fruits!) Eating low-fat makes it so that the body can properly and efficiently deal with the sugar.  Once you clear the excess fat from your blood, you will not have any problem with candida.  You can read more about the 80/10/10 lifestyle at

Here is Dr. Doug to explain it better;

The second most asked question(s) I get is, “isn’t it hard to eat the way you do?” “How do you stick to it?”  “Don’t you get cravings?”  “Don’t you get sick of eating rabbit food?”  And so forth.

My answer?  No, I do not get cravings, and I do not miss other foods.  I love the way that I eat.  I love the food that I eat.  I eat enough sweet fruits and tenter greens to feel satisfied and jacked up.

For me, I did the research before I started eating this way.  I read the books.  I watched the videos.  It got to a point where I knew too much to eat any other way.  Then I tried it, and I felt better eating this way then I ever have.

I know many people who struggle to stick with this lifestyle.  That is understandable!  It is really different from a “normal” way of eating. However, at the end of the day, for me, I do not want to be “normal.”  I do not want diabetes, heart disease, cancer, to be over weight and under nourished.  I want to be fit, healthy, strong and full of life.  And that is what eating this way has done for me.  You do have to just do it, you have to give it a chance.  You have to go for it whole hog, and then decide for yourself if it is what you want to do.

Your tastes will change, your habits with change, this way of being will become natural.  But you have to do it!

Here is Dr. D again with some awesome words of wisdom;

Finally, most asked question: “how do you make your green juice?”

OK!  Here it is folks!

I take;

4 celery stocks

1/2 a cucumber

a hand full of parsley

a hand full of cilantro

1 lemon

1 knob of ginger

and I run that through my Champion;

Twas my first born kitchen appliance. I <3's him big.

 And I end up with juice.

Green medicine at its most fine.

I find that for me, green juice has increased my digestive capacity, gotten rid of the last bit of bloating I had, has made me more regular(ahem), has given a glow to my complexion and has made me feel amazing in general.  It is medicine, and I take it

OK!  Hope this post has cleared up a few things for you!  I love your questions, so keep them coming!

❤ double.


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