I’ma Juicy Girl

Hello and Happy Weekend Bats of the world!  How are you?

Do you have any exciting plans for Hallow’s Eve?  I think My Love and I are going to stay in, cuddle up, and watch a movie.  Yes.  We are that old.

Speaking of old, as the weather changes, I am noticing that my body is starting to ask me for different things.  I have noticed my body just seems to do better when it is warm outside.  I am less sensitive and less reactive.  In the winter it seems my body is already upset that it is cold, so any other thing out of the ordinary sets it into a tailspin of bad reactions.  For me, digestion has always been my issue, and it just gets worse as it gets cold out.

So, I have been treating my body extra nicely, and I have changed up my eating just a little bit.  Here is a snippet of a day in the life of my help-my-body-cope-with-winter-love-plan.

First things first, I start every day with a big litre of water, and another litre of lemon water;

I love this stuff. Like lemon-aid, minus the carcinogens...

I drink the two litres throughout the morning and into the after-noon, but I focus on getting lots of water in before I eat anything else.

I tend then to eat nice soft juicy fruits during the day;


Along with my first green juice, some time after noon – o’clock;

Digestive enzymes what?!?!

Then I tend to drink some tea;

Mint and ginger teas are awesome for digestion.

For dinner, I have my second green juice;

My work enables my habit.

Then I eat some ice cream;

Orange Julius, eat your heart out.

And a bit more fruit on the side.

I get as much in liquid or puréed form as I can, because I find this really helps me with my tummy troubles.

As a side note, the above ice cream was amazing.  It was banana, mango, orange, strawberry and vanilla.  So much yum.

So there.  Do you find that your digestion and food preferences change as it gets colder?


8 thoughts on “I’ma Juicy Girl

  1. Hi Urbanfruitbat,
    Its lovely to find your beautiful fruity blog! I’m on the same journey (I keep a journal at iheartfruit.com), and yes, my tastes change with the weather. I’m wanting warming fruits now, like orange juice, and jackfruit, and I’m loving bananas at room temperature. I do make a number of banana ice-creams too, its a staple in our house.

    I’ve just started website of free and fruity children’s stories. I’d love to share it with you and your readers. Come visit at http:// sunmaiden.rayservers.net/

    I’m truly happy to see you spreading the message of fruit! Good for you!

    Best Wishes,

    • Hey Sunmaiden! I am happy to have you here! That is so funny, that we both crave oranges and bananas in the winter! Thank you for sharing your space here! I love creativity! Hope to see you back here soon!

  2. Mmm, your post made me so hungry, ready for my third fruit meal of the day! I think it will be oranges :).
    I love your blog, I’m always looking forward to your next post!
    Btw, what do you put in your green juice? And what do you think about blending up the veggies (I don’t have a juicer…), that’s what I do.

    • Hello Esperanza! I am happy you like it around here. I put cilantro, parsley, ginger, lemon, cucumber and celery into my juice. I think that blending or juicing is always the way to go with greens. Our bodies cannot break down the cell walls in green plants, so having a machine do it for us means more nutrients!

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