100th post and some Winter Prep

Hello and happy day to you all!

SO!  Why have I been gone so long? (In blog years of course, not really in actual time…) WELL!  I have started picking up more hours at work, I have been working with a couple of new nutrition clients, I joined a dance studio that holds drop in dance classes every day-aka. I am going to dance every.single.day, as well as registering at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition for their Holistic Nutritionist program! (I am going there to upgrade my certification!)  So all of that new stuff, as well as keeping up with cleaning, cooking, shopping and all the other life things that have to happen, life has been go-go-go!

But fear not, I have a camera full of photos, and many posts to share with you now!

As you know, winter is not the best time in the world for amazing fruit.  During these short cold days, and the long blustery nights we Canadians certainly long for the days of summer peaches, cherries and apricots.  And the abundance of shady mangos ;).

I find that as the weather becomes colder, I am drawn to heavier fruits like bananas;

I could not care about them in the summer, but come winter I want to eat them all.

And citrus like oranges!

I suppose I crave oranges all the time. But still. I want them in the winter...

But the biggest craving that I get in the winter is… ice cream.

I know.  It is strange.

But It just seems that when you freeze and juicerize sub-par winter fruit, it becomes amazing!

So this week we did some ice cream prep.  I chopped up some peaches;

It was tough to get out all their pits. Fact

Washed and froze some blueberries;

I super ❤ bluebs

Got some cantaloupe ready for actions;

I am a melon ready for action.

We peeled up some bananas;

The fruit plate just wanted its picture taken.

and some mangoes!

Mango mush is better than no mango at all.

And last but not least, we cut the rind off of some oranges.  You might think frozen oranges in ice cream would be strange, but it is SOOO good!  Kinda like Orange Julius if you have ever had that, minus the egg whites of course…

Surprisingly delicious.!!

My other winter must have is green juice.  I have decided to bite the bullet and have two green juices every.single.day.  So far so good, everyone around me is getting a cold and I am infection free!

Two a day keeps the doctor away. Actually, it does.

And tea.

Goji berries make tea even better.

What do you do to prep for winter?


4 thoughts on “100th post and some Winter Prep

  1. Thanks for the suggestions! Love the idea of freezing oranges…will have to try that, among all the other freezing fruit..which is another key factor to always having fruit on hand…even in the cold winter months I experience here in Wisconsin:)
    Rawkin’ Raw

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